Imaginarium 2019 proudly welcomes writer, director, artist and SFX artist Terence Muncy as a Spotlighted Guest. Terence’s range of expertise in multiple spheres of creativity will be a great addition to our extensive programming! Attendees are going to enjoy meeting him and we are very excited to have Terence joining us this year! About Terence: Terence Muncy is an artist, director, writer and special effects artist originally from Harlan, Kentucky. Terence is the owner of Warbranch Productions and Black forest Studios in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the films that he has directed or been a part of include “The Shack” (2004) Short Film (Director, WriterRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome award-winning small press Hydra Publications as an official sponsor! Featuring a wide array of authors, genres, and imprints (such as Enigma House Press, Stardust Romance, and Twin Sisters Press), Hydra Publications exemplifies the creative and independent spirit that the Imaginarium Convention embraces. Attendees will have great opportunities to meet and network with many authors and editors from Hydra Publications throughout the weekend, both in our extensive programming and our Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo! We are thrilled to have them back with us for our 6th year! About Hydra Publications: Winner of the 2015 Jason Sizemore Award for OutstandingRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome Bram Stoker Award-winning editor and author Michael Knost as a Spotlighted Guest! An exceptional writer with work in several genres, Michael has edited several anthologies and also non-fiction books on writing to help others develop their craft. Michael is an Imaginarium favorite whose workshops receive glowing praise from attendees We are excited to have Michael with us and our 2019 attendees will have a lot to look forward to from him in our panel and workshop programming! About Michael Knost: Michael Knost is a Bram Stoker Award®-winning editor and author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and supernatural thrillers. HeRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome Bram Stoker Award-winning author Tim Waggoner as a Spotlighted Guest! With over 40 novels and 5 short story collections, Tim is also a tenured professor who teaches creative writing and composition! An Imaginarium favorite, Tim is a fantastic mentor who has helped countless writers of all genres develop their craft. Attendees will have a great opportunity to interact with Tim in our panel and workshop programming! We are honored and excited to have Tim back with us this year! About Tim Waggoner: Tim Waggoner has published over forty novels and five collections of short stories. He writes original darkRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 proudly welcomes Safiya Nawaar as a Spotlighted Guest! A highly-acclaimed performing artist and dance instructor, Safiya is the founder of Arabesque World Dance in Lexington Kentucky! Dancing has always had an important place in the world of storytelling, and attendees at Imaginarium 2019 will not only be able to see one of her amazing performances during the entertainment at our annual Awards Banquet, but will also have an opportunity to take her Belly Dance Fusion Workshop! We are thrilled to have Safiya with us this year! Safiya opened Arabesque World Dance in Downtown Lexington in January of 2013, in the hopes of sharingRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome Tony Acree as toastmaster and a Spotlighted Guest! An Imaginarium Convention favorite, Tony is a bestselling author and the head of award-winning press Hydra Publications! Always a great contributor to Imaginarium’s extensive programming, Tony is also a major part of Imaginarium’s events as the official Toastmaster! About Tony Acree: Tony Acree is is both an award winning author and publisher. His small press publishing house, Hydra Publications, won the Jason Sizemore award for outstanding small press. His latest novel, Revenge, was winner of best thriller novel at Imaginarium, one of the region’s largest’s writers conferences. All four of hisRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome internationally-renowned author Michael Williams as a spotlighted guest! One of the original DragonLance novelists, Michael’s recent works of mythic fiction are showcases of the high literary craft that he enthusiastically shares in panels and instructs in workshops. Imaginarium 2019 attendees can look forward to meeting Michael and having his help in developing their literary skills and honing their writing craft! About Michael: Over the past 25 years, Michael Williams has written a number of strange novels, from the early Weasel’s Luck and Galen Beknighted in the best-selling DRAGONLANCE series to the more recent lyrical and experimental ARCADY, singled outRead More →

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Imadjinn Awards! Featuring 15 categories of literary awards, the Imadjinns are a highlight of the annual Imaginarium Convention’s Awards Banquet. Categories in the 2019 Imadjinn Awards include: Best Romance Novel Best Thriller Novel Best Mystery Novel Best Science Fiction Novel Best Fantasy Novel Best Historical Fiction Novel Best Children’s Book Best Paranormal Romance Novel Best Non-Fiction Book Best Young Adult Novel Best Horror Novel Best Short Story Best Urban Fantasy Novel Best Anthology Best Short Story Collection (single author) The nomination period will be closed at 11:59pm EST on May 31st. Following the nomination deadline, the Imadjinn AwardsRead More →

Imaginarium 2019 is proud to welcome Aaron Drown Design as an official sponsor! With over 25 years of design experience, the award-winning Aaron Drown Design has delivered eye-catching, top level work to organizations of all sizes, including many in the creative community with cover illustrations/design, banners, logos, and handbills. We are thrilled to have Aaron Drown Design in our sponsor family as they embody the commitment to quality and excellence that the Imaginarium Convention embraces. About Aaron Drown Design Memphis-based Aaron Drown Design brings to every project twenty-five years of award-winning expertise in helping organizations big and not-so-big convey their message through smart, eye-catching visuals.Read More →

Imaginarium 2019 proudly announces artist Eddie Price as a spotlighted guest! One of a handful of artists in the entire nation doing a unique kind of 3D art, Eddie has been involved in many projects for Topps and Upper Deck featuring popular mainstream franchises like The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Marvel, Star Wars, and more! Attendees of our 6th year of the Imaginarium Convention are going to enjoy meeting Eddie and discovering his unique style of 3D art! About Eddie: Eddie Price is an artist from Northwest Georgia with an amazing story to share. He is a fan favorite at conventionsRead More →