Panel and Workshop Listings, and Event Schedule !


Basic schedule overview

Scroll down below for detailed time schedule of panels and workshops, including rooms they will be held in.

( For descriptions of panels and workshops, please visit our 2017 Panel and Workshops Descriptions page)

Friday, October 6

3pm to 7pm Panels and Workshops

3pm to 7:30pm Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo

3pm to 2am Gaming

8pm to 9pm Opening Ceremonies

4pm to 7:30pm Imaginarium Independent Film Festival

9:30pm to 2am Imaginarium Independent Film Festival

10pm to Midnight Imaginarium Magic Cabaret Show


Saturday, October 7

10am to 6pm Panels and Workshops

11am to 6:30pm Imaginarum Independent Film Festival

9:30pm to 2am Imaginarium Independent Film Festival

10am to 6pm Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo

9am to 2am Gaming

7:30 pm to 9pm Imaginarium Awards Banquet

9:30pm – Midnight Imaginarium Masquerade Ball and Costume Contest


Sunday, October 8

10am to 4pm Panels and Workshops

10am to 4pm Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo

12pm to 3pm Imaginarium Independent Film Festival

9am to 5pm Gaming

9am Sunday Non-denominational Church Service



Panel and Workshop Schedule for Imaginarium 2017

The following schedule contains the workshop and panel topics, time slots, room assignments, and current participants for Imaginarium 2017.  Please check back regularly as there will be many updates to this grid over the next couple of weeks in regard to participating panelist additions.

Friday Workshop and Panel Schedule

Times Iroquois Hartland Goldenrod Burley
3:00 PM Social Media for Dummies [Otherwise known as “We’re Authors, not Techies”](J.C. Morrows) (60 mins) Audiobooks from Start to Finish (Jack Wallen) (60 mins) Self- Publishing Overview (Mod-Michelle Lee) (Panel- Lacy Marie ,April Brown,Linda S. Prather, E.A. Copen, Michael Knost) Diversity in Fiction (Mod- Bethany DJ Kesler) (Panel- Dan Jolley, DL Wainright, Marian Allen, John F. Allen, Gerald L. Coleman)
4:00 PM World Building for Gaming and Fiction (JD Conrad) 90 mins A Road Map to Schenectady: Where Do Ideas Come From? (Brian Hatcher) (90 mins) Cats in Fiction (Mod-Pamela Turner) (Panel-John J. Sanders, Mary Ellen Quire, T.Lee Harris) Game Design Strategies (Mod-Eric Bloat) (Panels- Dave Mattingly, Joseph Cadotte, Brandon K. Aten, Bradley Walker)
4:30 PM
5:00 PM Game of Thrones: TV Vs. Novels(Mod-Tony Acree)(Panel-Joe Fryman) Marketing Past Oversaturation(Mod-John Pyka aka Big Daddy Cool) (Panel-E.A. Copen, Trace Conger, Micheal West, Michael Knost)
5:30 PM Build a Better Monster (Tim Waggoner) (60 mins) The Villainous Antagonist (Kristi Bradley) (90 mins) .
6:00 PM Love and Blood: Writing Paranormal Romance (Jim Gillentine) (60 mins) Writing for Children (Mod-Marian Allen) (Panel- Dan Jolley, Jen Selinsky, Kimberly Hoffman, Lauren Acree)
6:30 PM  All About the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (Mod-Dave Creek Panel- Gerald L. Coleman, Dr. Arlan Andrews, Crystal L. Gauthier) .
7:00 PM .  Author Reading With Gary Braunbeck

Friday schedule continued:

Times Cumberland Derby Farmington Appalachian
3:00 PM Military Elements in Fiction (Mod- William Alan Webb) (Panel- Teresa Reasor, Monica Corwin) Creative Costuming (Mod-Dave Mattingly) (Panel-Timothy Shackleford, Kylie Jude, Cathy Jackson) Freelancing Writing:Getting Gigs That Pay (Mod- Gery Deer) (Panel-Michelle Areaux, Trace Conger, Michael A. Banks)
Effective Dialogue in Screenwriting (Mod-John Risner) (Panel- Amy McCorkle, Melissa Goodman)
4:00 PM Debate & Discussion, or Blog Bullying? (Mod-Ken Daniels) (Panel-Marian Allen, Pamela Horner, Scott M. Sandridge) Catering to the Cast and Crew (Mod-J.Welin) (Panel- Joe Fryman, Demetrius Witherspoon, Grace Carlton, Mary Carlton) How to Fracture a Fairy Tale: Encore!(Mod-Carma Haley Shoemaker)(Panel- Addie J. King, Victoria Escobar, Katina French, Laura Hawks)
Composing in Shorter Formats: Novellas and Short Stories (Mod-Hooberry) (Panel-Michael West, Dave Creek, Kristi Bradley, Juanita D. Houston, Glenn Porzig,Gary A. Braunbeck)
4:30 PM
5:00 PM Finding Inspiration for Stories (Mod-S.C.Houff) (Panel-Cathy Jackson, Lori Roberts, Harley David Morris, Tommy B.Smith, Paul Hoffman.) Plotters VS. Pansters: A Discussion on Outlining. (Mod- Randi Perrin) (Panel-Dave Creek, Carma Haley Shoemaker, Michael Williams, E.Chris Garrison, DR Perry) Social Aspects of Gaming (Mod-Matthew McCloud) (Panel- Noah Wieczorek, Daniel Hildreth, JD Conrad, Brandon K. Aten)
Many Hats of Independent Film (Mod- Angela Ramsey Robinson) (Panel- Kane Sawyer,Edward B. Franke, Mary Carlton)
5:30 PM
6:00 PM Time Management for Creatives (Mod-Tony Acree)(Panel-Linda Robertson,Lacy Marie, Ryan Douglass, Addie J. King, Naomi Miller) The Cozy Mystery: Don’t Get too Cozy When Writing OnE (Mod-Leah Pugh ) (Panel-Carol Preflatish, Abigail Keam, Bill Noel) Finding the Right Publishing Path (Mod-April Brown) (Panel- Jacob Floyd, Jason Sizemore, JC Morrows, Mark Spears, Rochelle Weber)
Dr. Who: A Character Overview of the Doctors (Mod-E.Chris Garrison) (Panel- Lana Dean Highfill, Janet Harriett)
6:30 PM


Saturday Panel and Workshop Schedule

Times Iroquois Heartland Goldenrod Burley
9:00 AM Love at First Sound…or Not: Hiring the Perfect Voice (Jocqueline M. Protho) (60 mins)  Stardust Pitch Session (Hosted by Frank Hall) Hydra Publications Pitch Session (hosted by Tony Acree) Music for Media (Mod-Scott M. Sandridge ) (Panel- Linda Robertson, Kylie Jude)
10:00 AM Business of Writing:What to Do After “The End” (Elizabeth Donald) (120 mins) Outlining: Come With An Idea, Leave With An Outline (Lydia Sherrer)(60 mins) Caffine and Creativity (Mod- Rebekah McAuliffe ) (Panel- Anne Marie Lutz, John J. Sanders, Harley David Morris, Rachel L. Miller, Erica Gerald Mason) Driving Your Story With Your Characters(Mod- Lucy A. Snyder ) (Panel-Sara Marian, Carl Moore, Dan Jolley, Alison Sky Richards, Brick Marlin)
11:00 AM Writing Believable Action Scenes ( Alison Sky Richards)(90 mins) Unleash Your Super Powers ( John Pyka) (60 mins) LGBTQ Characters in Fiction (Mod- E. Chris Garrison) (Panel- Michael West, Michelle Lee, Bethany DJ Kesler, DL Wainright)
11:30 AM
12:00 PM Music & The Writer : Bring Rhythm To Your Writing (David Simms) (60 mins) . Top Ten Marketing Tips for Events (Ken Daniels) (90 mins) Spreading Your Introvert Wings: Improving Communication at Events (Mod- Dave Mattingly ) (Panel- Ryan Douglass, Jason Sizemore, Sara Dobie Bauer, Randall Drum, Janet Harriett, Ken Daniels)
12:30 PM Myth and Fiction (Michael Williams) (90 mins) .
1:00 PM Indie Film Making: Planning The Movie (John Riser/Eric Roper) (90 mins) . Sustaining Mental Health in Creatives (Mod- Lacy Marie) (Panel-Amy McCorkle, E.Chris Garrison, Angela Ramsey Robinson, Randall Drum,Gary A. Braunbeck)
1:30 Fan Fic Open Mic (Lana Dean Highfill) (120 mins) .
2:00 PM Supernatural Creature Biology ( Michele Lee) (90 mins) . Free Social Media Marketing ( Mod-John Pyka aka Big Daddy Cool) (Panel- Abigail Keam, Rachel L. Miller, Cathy Jackson, Jeremiah Schmidt, Sara Hans)
2:30 PM Showing VS Telling: Be Sure You Know (Michael Knost) (60 mins) .
3:00 PM Publishing Indie Comics Today (Mod-Matthew Barron) (Panel- Eric Roper, Sara Marian Deurell)
3:30 PM Sharpen your Point of View (Lucy A. Snyder) (90 mins) Spark! Igniting the Creative Side of the Brain (Kolin Mofield) (90 mins) Dieselpunk 101 (John Pyka) (90 mins) .
4:00 PM Horror: Prose that Preys(Mod-Jack Wallen ) (Panel- Daniel Hooberry,Michael West, Tim Waggoner, Chad McClendon,Gary A. Braunbeck)
4:30 PM
5:00 PM Transmedia for Authors (Patricia Loofbourrow) (60 min) Guerilla of Filmmaking (Thomas Moore) (60 mins) Marvel VS DC- A Face Off! (Mod-Tony Acree)(Panel- Jim Gillentine,Matthew McCloud, Todd Houff, Leah Pugh, Lauren Acree, Michael West) Keeping Fantasy Fresh (Mod-Scott Sandridge) (Panel-Anne Marie Lutz, Steven Shrewsbury, JC Morrows, Jennifer Osborn)
5:30 PM
6:00 PM Importance of Casting Correctly (Mod- J.Welin) (Panel-Edward B. Franke, Mary Carlton) Crowdfunding for Creatives (Mod-Lucy A. Snyder) (Panel-Sarah Hans, Lydia Sherrer, Jocqueline Protho, Robert Turk, Grace Carlton) Paranormal Literature (Mod- Lori Roberts ) (Panel- Jacob Floyd, Monica Corwin, Lorena Reith Jr., R.J. Sullivan) Advice for New Authors (Mod- Dave Creek) (Panel- William Alan Webb, Tim Waggoner, Kolin Mofield, Victoria Escobar, Sara O. Thompson, Jack Allen)


Saturday Workshop and Panel Schedule Continued

Times Cumberland Derby Farmington Appalachian
9:00 AM Building the Brand of You (Mod- Daniel Hooberry) (Panel- Jason Sizemore, Sara Dobie Bauer, Lydia Sherrer, Brooke Myers, Grace Carlton) Marketing Tips with Abigail Keam and Teresa Reasor (Mod- Themselves) Line by Lion Pitch Session (Amanda Rotach Lamkin)
Book Signing Etiquette (Mod-Lacy Marie) (Panel-Lori Roberts, Addie J. King, Steven Shrewsbury, Naomi Miller)
10:00 AM Audio Books: A Growing Trend (Mod-Jocqueline Protho) (Panel- Eri Nelson, James O. Barnes, Trace Conger, Donna Dull, Geoffrey Mandragora, Grace Carlton) Non-Fiction (Mod- Carma Haley Shoemaker) (Panel- William Alan Webb, Jacob Floyd, Gery Deer, Paul Hoffman, Dr. Arlan Andrews) Kindle, KDP, and Kindle Unlimited (Mod-Sarah Hans) (Panel- Linda S. Prather, Kathrine Perkins S.C. Houff, Kenzie Michaels)
Screenwriting 101 (Mod-Thomas Moore) (Panel-Amy McCorkle,John Risner, Eric Roper, Pamela Turner, Elizabeth Bevarly)
11:00 AM The Craft of Writing Poetry (Mod- Anton Cancre) (Panel- Lana Dean Highfill, Kane Sawyer, Jen Selinsky, Erica Gerald Mason) Life in the Small Press World of Today (Mod- James O. Barnes) (Panel- Jason Sizemore, Naomi Miller, Sarena Ulibarri, Tom Wallace, Karl Pryor) Fan Fiction: Pro’s and Con’s (Mod-Ken Daniels) (Panel-Rebekah McAuliffe, Sara Dobie Bauer, S.C. Houff )
LARP: Choosing the Right Role or Character for You( Mod-Scott M. Sandridge ) (Panel-Eric Bloat, DR Perry, Jeremiah Schmidt)
11:30 AM
12:00 PM Putting the Thrill in Thrillers (Mod- Tim Waggoner) ( Panel- T.Lee Harris, Brick Marlin, Michael Knost, Tom Wallace, Laura Hawks) Assembling Awesome Anthologies(Mod- Brian Hatcher )(Panel-Susan Burdorf, Kristi Bradley, Sarah Hans, Juanita D. Houston) Quality on a Dime in Indie Film (Mod-Thomas Moore) (Panel- J.Welin, Timothy Shackleford Melissa Goodman)
Navigating the Blogosphere (Mod-Scott Sandridge) (Panel-Kenzie Michaels, Melissa McCoughan)
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Raising Reviews (Mod- Anton Cancre) (Panel-Marian Allen, Pamela Horner, Cathy Jackson Elizabeth Bevarly) Finding the Right Artist (Mod- E.A. Copen) (Panel- Matthew Barron, D.R. Perry, S.C. Houff) Revving up the Romance (Mod-Sela Carsen) (Panel- Kenzie Michaels, Teresa Reasor, Melissa Goodman, Laura Hawks, Marlene Mitchell)
Superheroes and Villians in Writing (Mod-Victoria Escobar) (Panel- Dan Jolley, John Allen, Glenn Porzig)
1:30 PM
2:00 PM Red Flags for Wordsmiths (Mod-S.C.Houff) (Panel-Lynn Slaughter, Tommy B. Smith, Joseph Cadotte) The World of Manga ( Mod- Rebekah McAuliffe) ( Panel- Jeremiah Schmidt, Pamela Turner) Producing an Indie TV Pilot: A Look into Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart (Mod-Nathan Day ) (Panel- Stephen Zimmer, Holly Phillippe, Courtney Zimmer, Timothy Shackleford, Joe Fryman, Eric Jude, Kylie Jude

Frank Hall, Kane Sawyer, Angela Ramsey Robinson, Angela Lawson, Ken Daniels)

Marketing Poetry (Mod- Anton Cancre) (Panel-Gerald L. Coleman, Erica Gerald Mason, Jennifer Osborn)
2:30 PM
3:00 PM Query Letters and Professional Submissions (Mod-Addie J.King) (Panel-Rochelle Weber, Lynn Slaughter, Sara O. Thompson) Releasing the Steam: A Steampunk Forum (Mod- Jack Wallen) (Panel- Sarah Hans, Katherine Perkins, Josef Matulich, Katina French, Geoffrey Mandragora) Writing Sizzling Sex Scenes (Mod-Jim Gillentine)(Panel-Carl Moore, Sara Dobie Bauer, Monica Corwin, Jamie Marchant, Mark Spears)
Logistics of location Scouting (Mod-J.Welin) (Panel-Edward B. Franke, Harley David Morris )
3:30 PM
4:00 PM Keeping Your Humor Humorous (Mod- Addie J. King ) (Panel-Mary Ellen Quire, Sela Carsen, Dave Mattingly, Steven Shrewsbury, Jamie Marchant, Dr. Arlan Andrews) Make up Effects (Mod- Josef Matulich) (Panel- Angela Lawson, Robert Turk) XBox VS. Playstation: A Throwdown (Mod-Scott Sandridge) ( Panel-Todd Houff, Daniel Hildreth, Kane Sawyer)
Booze and Books (Mod-Eric Jude) (Panel-Tony Acree, Stephen Zimmer, Anton Cancre, Marian Allen)
4:30 PM
5:00 PM Exploring Today’s Universe of Science Fiction (Mod- Dave Creek) (Panel- Bethany DJ Kesler, Eri Nelson, Gerald L. Coleman, R.J.Sullivan, Sarena Ulibarri, Dr. Arlan Andrews) The Occult in Literature (Mod-S.C.Houff) (Panel-Donna Dull, Joseph Cadotte, Lorena Reith Jr., Glenn Porzig) Electrifying Your Erotica (Mod-Daniel Hooberry) (Panel- Laura Hawks, Mark Spears, Monica Corwin, Alison Richards, Kenzie Michaels)
Copy and Content in the Edting Phase (Mod- Gery Deer) (Panel- Linda Robertson, Rochelle Weber, Kyleen Valleaux, Janet Harriett, Josiah Davis)
5:30 PM
6:00 PM Art of Comics and Graphic Novels (Mod- John Risner) (Panel- Dan Jolley, Ryan Douglass, Eric Roper, Jeremiah Schmidt, Matthew Barron.) Beyond Kindle: Other EBook Markets (Mod- Rochelle Weber) (Panel-John J Sanders, April Brown, Linda S. Prather, Kyleen Valleaux) Approaches to Writing a Book Series(Mod-Scott M. Sandridge)(Panel-Michael Williams, Kenzie Michaels, Rachel L. Miller, Bill Noel, Brick Marlin)
Crossing Genres (Mod-Carma haley Shoemaker) (Panel-Sara Marian, Harley David Morris, Mary Ellen Quire, T.Lee Harris)


Sunday Workshop and Panel Schedule

Times Iroquois Heartland Goldenrod Burley
10:00 AM Incorporating Fairy Tale Structures Into Your Work (Sela Carsen) (60 mins) Mining History (William Alan Webb) (60 mins) Putting Religion in Your Writing (Mod-Lacy Marie ) (Panel-Linda Robertson,Cathy Jackson, Dave Mattingly, D.R. Perry) Writing Good action Scenes (Mod-Alison Sky Richards) (Panel- Dan Jolley, T.Lee Harris, Jamie Marchant, Karl Pryor)
10:30 AM
11:00 AM Indie Sci Fi Filmmaking and Writing (J.Welin) (90 mins) Mental Health for Creatives (Lacy Marie) (90 mins) Gateway to Game Design (Mod-Dave Mattingly) ( Panel- Daniel Hildreth, Dan Jolley, Brandon K. Aten, Bradley Walker) Dissecting the Dystopian (Mod-Alison Sky Richards ) (Panel-Lana Dean Highfill, Bethany DJ Kesler, JC Morrows, Joseph Cadotte,Dr. Arlan Andrews)
11:30 AM
12:00 PM Podcasting for Beginners ( Mod-Jocqueline Protho) (Panel-John Pyka aka Big Daddy Cool, Todd Houff, Brian Hatcher, Glenn Porzig Grace Carlton) The Image is Everything (Mod-Melissa Goodman) (Panel- J. Welin, Cindy Maples )
12:30 PM Marketing 101 (Stu Thaman) (90mins) Unleashing Your Creative Potential (Angela Ramsey Robinson) ( 90 mins) .
1:00 PM Emerging Markets in Indie Film (Melissa Goodman) (Panel- Demetrius Witherspoon, Grace Carlton, Cindy Maples) Self-Help Writing Forum (Mod-Kane Sawyer) (Panel-Kimberly Hoffman, April Brown, Sara Marian Deurell)
1:30 PM
2:00 PM Screenwriting for Filmmakers ( Cameron McCasland) (60 mins) Book Design (Clifford VanMeter) (60 mins) . You Tubers (Mod-John Pyka aka Big Daddy Cool) (Panel-Brian Hatcher, Trace Conger, Cathy Jackson)
2:30 PM .
3:00 PM Proper Grammer (Rochelle Weber) (60 mins) Writing Speculative Poetry: an introduction (Anton Cancre) (60 mins) Dialogue in Writing (Mod- John Risner) (Panel- Randi Perrin, Leah Pugh, Bill Noel. Gary A. Braunbeck)


Sunday Panel and Workshop Schedule Continued

Times Cumberland Derby Farmington Appalachian
9:00 AM Non-denominational Christian Church Service hosted by David Mattingly
10:00 AM Producing a Quality Audio Book (Mod-Jack Wallen) (Panel-Donna Dull, Trace Conger, James O. Barnes, Susan Burdorf, Josiah Davis) Mystery Mastery:What’s Expected, and How to Put Your Own Voice On Your Story (Mod-Tony Acree) (Panel-Carol Preflatish, Abigail Keam, Kristi Bradley) The Children’s Book Market Today (Mod-Marian Allen) (Panel-Kimberly Hoffman) Character Development Insights(Mod- Angela Ramsey Robinson ) (Panel- Pamela Horner, DL Wainright, Lynn Slaughter,Gary A. Braunbeck)
10:30 AM
11:00 AM Researching for Your Story(Mod- Lori Roberts ) (Panel-Anne Marie Lutz, Rebekah McAuliffe, Michelle Areaux, Michael A. Banks) Finding the Right Critique Groups (Mod-Carma Haley Shoemaker) (Panel- Kristi Bradley, Juanita D. Houston, Marian Allen, R.J. Sullivan, Geoffrey Mandragora) Layout and Design Insights (Mod-Rochelle Weber ) (Panel- Jason Sizemore, Kyleen Valleaux, Russell Jackson) Defining Urban Fantasy Today (Mod-Michelle Lee ) (Panel-Linda Robertson, S.C.Houff, Sara Marian, John Allen, Sara O. Thompson )
11:30 AM
12:00 PM Building Your Blog (Mod-Scott Sandridge ) (Panel- Melissa McCaughan, Jen Selinsky, Kenzie Michaels, Crystal L. Gauthier) Romance Publishing Discussion (Mod-Alison Sky Richards ) (Panel-Cathy Jackson, Carol Prefaltish, Sara Dobie Bauer, Marlene Mitchell) The Importance of Networking (Mod- Tim Waggoner ) (Panel- Amy McCorkle, Gery Deer, Sela Carsen, Lydia Sherrer, Michael A. Banks) Keeping Beloved Monsters Engaging(Mod-Jim Gillentine)(Panel- Jack Wallen, Addie J. King, Brooke Myers, Laura Hawks)
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Mysticism in Your Manuscript (Mod- Michael Williams) (Panels- Chad McClendon, Lorena Reith Jr.) Discussing D&D (Mod- Matthew McCloud)(Panel-Eric Bloat, Noah Wieczorek, JD Conrad) Polishing Post-Production (Mod-Thomas Moore) (Panel- James O. Barnes, Kylie Jude) Finding the Right Editor (Mod- Rochelle Weber )(Panel-Trysh Thompson, E. A. Copen, Scott Sandridge, Janet Harriett, Josiah Davis)
1:30 PM
2:00 PM Developing Suspense in All Genres (Mod-Tim Waggoner) (Panel-Carl Moore, Carol Preflatish, Michael Knost,Marlene Mitchell) A Discussion of Gothic Fiction(Mod-Josef Matulich) (Panel-Sara Marian, Barb Jones, Tommy B. Smith) YA Today (Mod-Susan Burdorf)(Panel-Lacy Marie, Michelle Areaux) Folklore and Fairytales (Mod-S.C.Houff) (Panel-Carma Haley Shoemaker, Chad McClendon, DL Wainright, Katina French, Joseph Cadotte, Robert Turk)
2:30 PM
3:00 PM Fantastic First Lines (Mod- Lucy Synder) (Panel-Kolin Mofield, Monica Corwin, Randall Drum, Sarena Ulibarri, Paul Hoffman, Karl Pryor) Alternative History: The Craft of Writing a “What If” Kind of Story (Mod- Hooberry) (Panel- Bethany DJ Kesler, Melissa McCaughan, Katherine Perkins, Brooke Myers,  Dr. Arlan Andrews) Project Marketing (Mod-James O. Barnes) (Panel- Sara Marian Deurell, Crystal Gauthier)


Sunday Special Q&A’s With Our 2017 Guest of Honor and Imaginator Guests

Held in the Event and Banquet Hall

9am  Q&A with Abigail Keam (hosted by Tony Acree)

11am Q&A with Michael Knost (hosted by Tony Acree)

11:45am Q&A with Gary A. Braunbeck (hosted by Tony Acree)

12:30pm Q&A with Lucy A. Snyder (hosted by Tony Acree)

1:15pm Q&A with Teresa Reasor (hosted by Tony Acree)

2:45pm Q&A with Eric Bloat (hosted by Tony Acree)