2017 Panel and Workshop Descriptions

Below is a list of panel and workshop descriptions for the programming offered in Imaginarium 2017. To see the programming schedule grid, please visit our 2017 Panel, Workshop, and Event Schedule page.


YouTubers – Enter the world of YouTube, from building a successful channel to making use of the YouTube platform to effectively market yourself. This panel discussion will give you an overview and insights into the highly-popular video medium.

Podcasting for the Beginner – Ever wanted to run your own podcast but don’t know what’s involved? This panel will cover the basics of podcasting, with tips and insights on everything from equipment to hosting platforms for a podcast show.

Audio Books: A Growing Trend – Audio books are growing in popularity and this panel will discuss the rise of this medium and where it may be headed in the future.

Producing a Quality Audio Book – This panel will give advice and insights on how to make sure your audio book is produced well, even if you don’t have a big budget to work with.

Time Management for Creatives – With all kinds of demands on life, from families to day jobs, many independent creatives find themselves very

Finding Inspiration For Stories – Inspiration for stories can come from a variety of sources, and our panelists will share examples involving the genesis of their own tales!

Dialogue in Writing – Good dialogue brings characters and the worlds they inhabit to life in a way that connects to readers. This panel will give attendees advice and suggestions for improving the dialogue in their writing.

Character Development Insights – Characters change and grow over the course of a story. The development of characters is a crucial element in writing a story that resonates powerfully with readers, and this panel will give you perspectives and tips from a number of published authors on the art of that development.

Driving Your Story With Your Characters – This panel is for those looking for techniques and advice on developing solid character-driven storytelling

Developing Suspense in All Genres – This panel will discuss the craft of developing suspense, no matter what genre of story you are writing.

Putting the Thrill in Thrillers – Our panelists will discuss the core elements of a thriller, and give writing insights into creating the kinds of thrills that will have strong appeal to readers of all genres.

Fantastic First Lines – A strong first line can catch the eye of an editor or spark interest in a reader enough to buy your book. This panel will discuss the art of writing fantastic first lines, no matter what genre you write in!

Writing Good Action Scenes – There is an art to writing effective action scenes. Our panel will discuss the elements to keep in mind when writing action scenes.

Composing in Shorter Formats: Novellas and Short Stories – Our panelists will explore the differences between writing stories in a longer format such as a novel versus shorter ones like novellas and short stories.

Plotters Vs. Pantsers: A Discussion on Outlining – The plotter loves to outline and the pantser loves to set out and see where a story idea takes them. Some writers are a little of both. This panel will discuss the topic of outlining and the various approaches taken by writers undertaking a new writing project.

Copy and Content in the Editing Phase – Copy editing and content editing are both part of the editing phase of a novel, and this panel will discuss each of these very important tasks in the development of a writing project.

Layout and Design Insights – Good layout and design skills are essential for producing professional quality print books, ebooks, and covers. This panel will provide an overview of layout and design, as it pertains to all three areas.

Assembling Awesome Anthologies – Want to develop a great anthology? Our panel will discuss everything from choosing topics to developing the right group of stories for a particular anthology.

Diversity in Fiction – The modern world has become more diverse and inclusive, and this has had an impact on the stories being told by today’s writers. This panel will discuss the topic of diversity in fiction in light of modern society.

Keeping Fantasy Fresh – Fantasy has been popular for a long time, with lots of new releases coming out every week. This panel will discuss

Keeping Beloved Monsters Engaging – Vampires, werewolves, dragons, and many other creatures have been used extensively in a number of genres. This panel will explore the topic of how to keep often-used monsters engaging, especially with reading audiences well-familiar with them.

YA Today – Young Adult fiction is as popular as ever, and this panel will discuss where it is today, and give a little speculation regarding the direction it is heading.

Dissecting the Dystopian – What are the essential elements of a dystopian novel? Our panelists will break down the characteristics of a dystopian tale, and what makes for a compelling one!

Horror: Prose that Preys – Writing effective horror is a craft, and our panel of horror writers will be giving many writing tips to help you develop “prose that preys”!

Paranormal Literature – An open discussion about paranormal literature today. What’s popular now? What are some of the trends at the moment? Why do tales with strong paranormal elements resonate so strongly in a science-driven age? This panel will consider these kinds of questions and much more!

Crossing Genres – Cross-genre fiction is rising fast in popularity. Blending the elements of several genres into one tale is an art in itself, requiring a good command of each of the genres involved to do it well. Our panelists will discuss both the art and state of cross genre fiction today!

Defining Urban Fantasy Today – The definition of urban fantasy has evolved and broadened over the years, and this panel will discuss where that definition is today.  The panel will explore the elements of urban fantasy for those interested in writing in the genre.

Releasing the Steam: A Steampunk Forum – Attendees who love the gears, gadgets and attire of the steampunk world will enjoy this panel exploring steampunk in 2017. Those not familiar with this genre can learn a lot about what steampunk is, and what it has to offer readers and writers alike!

Exploring Today’s Universe of Science Fiction – Science Fiction is alive and well, from hard science-focused stories to grand space operas. This panel will explore the state of science fiction today and where it appears to be heading.

A Discussion of Gothic Fiction – What is Gothic Fiction and what are some prime examples? This panel will explore the elements of Gothic Fiction, its history, and where it is today.

The Cozy Mystery: Don’t Get Too Cozy When Writing One – A very popular style of mystery, the Cozy Mystery is defined by some key elements that our panelists will identify, along with some writing tips for those looking to develop one of their own.

Mystery Mastery: What’s Expected, and How to Put Your Own Voice on Your Story – An exploration of the world of Mystery from a writing perspective. What are the essentials? How do you develop your own voice in a highly-popular genre such as Mystery?

Alternative History: The Craft of Writing a “What If” Kind of Story – Alternative history offers a lot of creative space to explore major crossroads of history, and how the world might be if something had gone a little differently. This panel discusses the highly-intriguing world of Alternative History and the things to keep in mind when exploring a different historical outcome!

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale: Encore! – One of the more popular panels from last year’s Imaginarium is back for an encore! Our panelists will engage in a fun and spirited discussion on the art of fracturing a fairy tale! A very fun and creative panel!

Military Elements in Fiction – Military elements can be found in all genres of fiction, from warriors of the ancient world, to state of the art modern weaponry, to speculative futuristic warfare. This panel will explore the approaches to military elements in your writing, from concepts to research.

LGBTQ Characters in Fiction
– Panelists will discuss the presence of LGBTQ characters in fiction today. Examples of compelling LGBTQ characters and related themes being increasingly explored in today’s literature will be explored by our panelists.

The Occult in Literature – The occult is often used in literature, from thrillers, to mysteries, to horror and cross-genre tales. With a vast amount of information available and a history that extends to the beginning of humankind, the occult has proven to be fertile ground for storytellers. Our panelists will discuss the presence and use of the occult in literature.

Mysticism in Your Manuscript – Whether subtle or in the spotlight, mysticism finds its way into all kinds of stories. This panel will discuss the subject of mysticism, and its uses in storytelling.

Putting Religion in Your Writing – Religion is one of the most powerful forces in human history and it is seen in all genres of storytelling. Our panelists will discuss how writers work religion into various kinds of writing.

Folklore and Fairy Tales – Folklore and fairy tales have long played a big part in the minds of writers. This panel will explore these realms and the ways they are incorporated into storytelling in all kinds of genres.

Keeping Your Humor Humorous – No writer wants their humor stale! This panel will explore writing effective humor, giving tips and techniques that will have your readers grinning and even laughing out loud!

Researching For Your Story – Research is a necessary element for all kinds of projects, from historical to futuristic. Good research saves time and money, while adding realism to your story. Our panelists will give advice on researching for a project!

Approaches to Writing a Book Series – There are many additional considerations for an author when writing a book series. This panel will explore the things to keep in mind when undertaking a writing project that will involve more than one title!

Cats in Fiction – Cats are often wonderful companions to writers. They also find their way into the pages of books and there have been many profound feline characters in the realms of fiction. This panel will celebrate cats and their presence in the lives of authors and books!

Booze and Books – Authors have often been known for their love of spirits, of the liquid kind! This lighthearted panel will feature several writers who enjoy drinking adult beverages. They might even reveal whether or not they write before or after filling their glasses!

Caffeine and Creativity – Caffeine is often associated with creative individuals, whether in the form of coffee, tea, or soft drinks. This fun panel will celebrate caffeine in the world of creatives!

Non-Fiction – Non-fiction is a big market in the world of book publishing. Our panelists will discuss the non-fiction market and its state today.

Self-Help Writing Forum – This panel explores the real of self-help books. From writing to publishing self-help books, our panelists will share their thoughts, experiences and insights!

Freelance Writing: Getting Gigs That Pay – Freelance writing helps pay the bills for many creative writers. This panel will give insights on finding writing jobs that pay.

Writing for Children – This panel explores the craft of writing for children, from tips and techniques, to the kinds of stories and characters that connect well with younger readers.

The Children’s Book Market Today – The Children’s Book Market is a very big one in the world of publishing, and our panel will help attendees understand the market today and the current trends.

Marketing Poetry – The poetry market is one of the more challenging sectors of the publishing world. Our panelists will help you navigate the poetry market and offer advice on how to market your work.

The Craft of Writing Poetr
y – A panel discussion about the craft of writing poetry! Come join our panelists discuss their love for the art of poetry, including writing tips and insights!

Finding the Right Editor – Whether you are a a small press or self-published author, finding the right editor is extremely important! Our panel will give advice and insights on how to find a good editor, especially one that is right for your situation!

Finding the Right Artist – Finding the right artist can be a challenge for writers on a budget. This panel will explore the task of finding an artist that is right for you.

Finding the Right Publishing Path – There are many options for a writer in 2017 when it comes to publishing, from self-publishing, to small and independent presses, to major publishers. This panel will explore the various options, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Finding the Right Critique Groups – A panel with insights on finding the right critique group for you, and what kinds of things to avoid!

Red Flags for Wordsmiths – There are many dangers and pitfalls for writers today, and this panel will address the things to be wary of in the modern publishing landscape.

Advice for New Writers – A forum discussing some important things for new writers to keep in mind as they begin their path in the publishing climate of today.

Query Letters and Professional Submissions – Our panelists will offer insights into writing effective query letters and making professional-level submissions for writers seeking a major publisher. There are some very important things to keep in mind and our panel spotlight these things for the attendees of this session!

Self-Publishing Overview – This panel will give a solid overview of the world of self-publishing. Panelists will offer advice and tips for achieving success in self-publishing.

Life in the Small Press World of Today – Publishing has seen many significant changes in the past few years. With the constant changes in the market and approaches to marketing, what is life like for a small press today? Our panelists will discuss the world of small presses in 2017!

Fan Fiction: Pro’s and Con’s – This panel will explore the world of fan fiction, and discuss both the positives and negatives associated with this kind of writing.

Superheroes and Villains in Writing – Our panelists will discuss the elements needed for writing compelling superheroes and villains for today.

Art of Comics and Graphic Novels – A panel that explores the art of comics and graphic novels.

Marvel Vs. DC – A Face Off! – A fun “showdown” panel where our panelists (and audience) can debate and compare the worlds of Marvel and DC!

Publishing Indie Comics Today – What is it like being a comic publisher today? This panel will discuss the challenges of publishing indie comics, from marketing to distribution, in today’s publishing climate.

The World of Manga – An overview panel about the world of Manga. Attendees wanting to learn more about what Manga is and where to start enjoying it, this panel is for you!

Game of Thrones: TV vs. Novels – A discussion comparing and contrasting the enormously popular TV series with George R.R. Martin’s bestselling novels!

Dr. Who: A Character Overview of the Doctors – A panel discussion covering all of the Doctors from a writer’s perspective!

Revving Up the Romance – This panel will explore techniques and tips for writing better romance. A great panel for both romance writers and writers in other genres who want to strengthen the romance elements in their work.

Writing Sizzling Sex Scenes – Our panelists will offer writing tips for creating better sex scenes. Attendees of this panel must be 18+!

Electrifying Your Erotica – Tips and techniques for spicing up your erotica writing is the focus of this panel! Attendees of this panel must be 18+!

Romance Publishing Discussion – The popularity and number of writers and releases in the Romance genre make it a challenging one for publishers of all sizes. This panel will discuss the state of Romance publishing today, including the print and eBook markets, the trends, and much more.

Kindle, KDP, and Kindle Unlimited – Amazon’s Kindle platform is one of the strongest forces in publishing today. This panel will explore the Kindle world in more detail, from the Kindle market itself, to the KDP publishing platform, to the Kindle Unlimited service offered by Amazon.

Beyond Kindle: Other eBook Markets – There is life beyond Kindle and many authors do very well in non-Kindle eBook markets. This panel will explore the other eBook markets and options, from iTunes, to Nook, Kobo, and others.

Marketing past Oversaturation – There is no question that today’s publishing climate faces an oversaturation of product. The challenge that faces all book releases is how to market past that oversaturation. This panel will discuss marketing approaches that work in an overly-crowded market.

Free Social Media Marketing – Social media offers many ways to promote products and services. This panel will focus on techniques and platforms that cost nothing other than time and effort.

The Importance of Networking – Effective networking can help a creative individual advance their careers and reach their goals much faster, yet the importance of networking is often overlooked by many in the creative arts. This panel will explore why networking is essential, as well as offering advice on effective networking in different environments.

Navigating the Blogosphere – The blogosphere is massive and offers tremendous exposure and learning opportunities for creative individuals. How do you navigate the world of blogs effectively? This panel will give you tips and advice on how to find the blogs that will be most helpful to you!

Building Your Blog – Building a successful blog involves many elements, from the format, to the visual design, to the promotion of it. Our panelists will give you insights on how to go about building a good blog that attracts an audience!

Debate and Discussion, or Blog Bullying? – The blogosphere often addresses issues that rise up in the publishing world, independent film, and other creatives realms. It also provides a good forum for constructive criticism and discussion. Sometimes a line can be crossed where it is no longer viable criticism and discussion, but instead a form of bullying. This panel will discuss and take a closer look at this important topic.

Raising Reviews – What are some effective ways for today’s author to raise their review counts, especially in places such as Good Reads and Amazon.com? This panel will explore approaches to getting posted reviews and also discuss some of the challenges faced by authors, such as Amazon’s recent trend of taking down many legitimate reviews for small press and self-published authors.

Building the Brand of You – For many creatives such as authors, they are their brand. This panel will discuss the art of branding yourself, and building that brand!

Book Signing Etiquette – This panel will explore the best approaches to conducting an effective book signing. No matter what venue your book signing is held in, there are some basic etiquette principles to keep in mind if you want to sell books and make a good impression!

Crowdfunding For Creatives – Crowdfunding has become a highly-popular method for funding all kinds of projects. This panel will give an overview of crowdfunding, discussing popular platforms, the effectiveness of crowdfunding, and what to expect if you use it to raise money.

Sustaining Mental Health in Creatives – This panel will explore the topic of mental health as it pertains to those in the creative world, with a special focus on getting help and treatment when struggling in this area.

Spreading Your Introvert Wings: Improving Communication at Events – Many creative individuals tend to be more introverted, yet their career path can involve many kinds of live events, conferences, and conventions. This panel will offer advice to introverts on ways to improve their presence and communication at events of all sizes.

All About the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America – With SFWA embracing indie authors and game writers for the first time, this panel looks at what the organization can do for them and for all writers.

Film-Focused Topics

Screenwriting 101 – An overview panel discussing the elements of a screenplay, formatting, software options and much more! A great foundation panel for writers wanting to get into the world of screenplays.

Effective Dialogue in Screenwriting – Writing great dialogue is the mark of a top screenwriter, and this panel will give you tips and insights on the art of writing dialogue.

Importance of Casting Correctly – Casting is critical to the success of any level of movie. Panelists will share insights on the process of casting, what to look for, and what to keep in mind if you want to end up with a cast that shines!

The Image is Everything – In filmmaking, a good image is critical, and this panel will discuss the gear and approaches that will achieve quality images in your production.

Catering to Cast and Crew – A well-fed cast and crew will go a long way to keeping morale good on your set. This panel will explore approaches to catering on indie films, especially those on a very tight budget.

Emerging Markets in Indie Film – An explosion of channels and new markets is taking place, opening up a big demand for content. What are some of the hottest emerging markets? What are some on the near horizon? This panel will explore new markets and opportunities for today’s indie filmmaker.

Quality on a Dime in Indie Film – Indie film projects operate on small budgets and it is essential to maximize every dollar spent. This panel will give insights and advice on how to get the most out of your dollar and achieve quality results.

Logistics of Location Scouting – This panel will explore the best approaches to location scouting and what kind of information you need to get when evaluating a potential site. Good locations can add production value to a film, and you’ll discover that getting great spots is not as difficult as you might think!

Creative Costuming – This panel will discuss approaches to costuming, whether you are doing a project set in the modern day or a period piece! From rentals to design from scratch, good costuming is essential to a quality project!

Makeup Effects – Good makeup effects go a long way in raising the production value of an independent movie or TV Project. This panel will discuss makeup effects in indie film, from what to expect cost and time-wise, to finding a good FX artist for your project.

Polishing Post-Production – The post-production phase is when everything comes together in a movie or TV project. It is a time when you can add some sheen to your look and take your production value even higher. This panel will discuss post-production elements that can enhance your production, without breaking the bank!

Project Marketing – This panel will explore methods of marketing an independent movie or TV project without having a large amount of money to spend. There are many low-cost and free ways to effectively market a project, and our panelists will be spotlighting many of these options.

Music for Media – Music is a very important element of visual media, whether you are making a movie or running a YouTube channel. This panel will discuss the topic of music for media, and offer insights on how to go about finding music for your project, music rights, and what to expect.

Many Hats of Independent Film – Independent filmmakers often fill many roles on a project that they would not be undertaking in a larger budget situation. This panel will talk about the multiple hats commonly worn by the indie filmmaker, who often simply does what needs to be done to get a project completed!

Producing an Indie TV Pilot: A Look Into Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart – A panel discussing the development and production of the indie TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart, which was shot on location in Kentucky in June of 2017. The panel will give insights on all aspects of the production process.

Gaming-Focused Topics

Game Design Strategies – Game Design is an exciting and creative activity, but it is also one that involves a lot of important elements to keep in mind. Our panelists will offer insights and tips to help you approach your Game Design in a more efficient and effective way!

Discussing D&D – A fun panel exploring the world of D&D, including its history, changes, and the state of it today!

Gateway to Game Design – A panel exploring an overview of the Game Design process. A great introduction for those wanting to get into Game Design!

Social Aspects of Gaming – Gaming often involves social interaction and this panel will discuss these elements, from the kinds of relationships formed to the styles of interaction.

Xbox Vs. Playstation: A Throwdown – A fun pane for fans of the two platforms! Our panelist will lead a discussion on what they view as the strengths and weaknesses of the two giants. Sure to be a spirited discussion!

LARP: Choosing the Right Role or Character for You – Live Action Role Playing is a highly-popular pursuit for people all across the world. Having the right role or character is essential to getting the most enjoyment out of LARP, and this panel will offer advice on how to go about making the best choice!

Workshop Descriptions

SHOWING vs TELLING (be sure you know) – Presented by Michael Knost
“90% of all students who have taken this workshop gave an incorrect answer when (at the beginning of the class) I presented them with a sentence and asked if it was a SHOWING sentence or a TELLING sentence. Showing vs telling can be confusing on a number of levels, but this workshop will have you (just as every former student) walking away without a doubt concerning which is which, and how to better utilize both in your writing. We will use a fun visual aid that will make it so easy to understand.

Build a Better Monster: – Presented by Tim Waggoner
Learn techniques for creating new, interesting, and exciting monsters.

Sharpen Your Point of View – Presented by Lucy A. Snyder
What first, second, and third person viewpoints mean, and why and how to use them in fiction, creative nonfiction, and games.

Top Ten Marketing Tips for Events – Presented by Ken Daniels

Whether you are marketing yourself, your book, or your film, there are several proven ways to approach marketing at an event.  Ken Daniels will explore ten effective methods for marketing at events such as conventions, book fairs, and other kinds of venues.

Myth and Fiction – Presented by Michael Williams
Whether from their time-honored structure and plotting, their inherent sense of mystery and wonder, or their willingness to take on the large and important human issues, ancient myths remain among the best stories in all cultures. Imitating them, adapting them, or even just thinking about them can add depth and power to your own fiction, and in this workshop, we’ll discuss and practice ways of doing just that.

Mental Health for Creatives – Presented by Lacie Marie
Covering mental health concerns for creatives.

World Building for Gaming and Fiction – Presented by JD Conrad
Creating an evocative and detailed setting is important for authors, game designers and game masters. This workshop would cover guidelines on using real world history and science to build a frame work for a realistic world. Then how to flesh it out using inspiration from myth, fiction and pop culture.

Supernatural Creature Biology – Presented by Michelle Lee
Making paranormal creatures realistic.

A Road Map to Schenectady: Where Do Ideas Come From? – Presented by Brian J. Hatcher
It would contain practical advise, the latest brain science, and my experience as a creative person, to show how the brain comes up with ideas, how that process can become more efficient and dynamic, and how we can turn our brains into idea machines.

Marketing 101 – Presented by Stu Thaman
Discussing different ways to market and trends.

Business of Writing: What to Do After “TheEnd.” – Presented by Elizabeth Donald
So you finished the book – now comes the hard part! Learn about publishing contracts and how to negotiate them, what’s standard and what’s a trap; launching and managing an online presence with social media; how to handle the money and taxes; the challenges specific to self-publishing as well as for traditional publishing; developing a marketing strategy; dealing with bookstores and signings, the tour circuit – and don’t forget to have a life!

Unleash Your Super Powers workshop – Presented by John Pyka
Unleash Your Superpowers! In the Dieselpunk Pulp adventure Tales From The Flip-Side, it is revealed that Big Daddy Cool & The Bombshell Kittens are super powered defenders of reality posing as mere entertainers. Now that they are firmly planted in the 21st Century, they are seeking out other superhumans to train to unleash their hidden powers and join the fight against evil! Johnny teaches attendees three easy to master magic tricks that look like real super powers! These come straight from Johnny’s upcoming new book Super Powers 101 and are within the skill level of all ages. Best of all, everyone who attends will get a free copy of the Super Powers 101 e-book!

Writing Believable Action Scenes – Presented by Alison Sky Richards
This would include choreographing action scenes, history of weapons, how to build fantasy/magic weapons and sci-fi based weaponry, realism vs unbelievable.

The Villainous Antagonist – Presented by Kristi Bradley
This workshop concentrates on the antagonist being a true villain. I mean a villain who will make the skin crawl, chill the reader, challenge the hero, and give excitement and depth to the story. I’m talking a villain who has personality, principles, feelings and conflicts. We will discusses the lines between good and evil and break down the personalities of typical villains into archetypes to help the writer decide which type of villain would serve their plot best.

Audiobooks from Start to Finish – Presented by Jack Wallen
Jack Wallen discusses the ins and outs of audiobook production from the perspective of an author and a narrator.

Music & The Writer: Bring Rhythm To Your Writing – Presented by David Simms
Music has been proven to alter the brain, the body, speech, and yes, even writing. This highly interactive workshop will give you the tools to inject rhythm to your writing, melody to your stories, all without much effort. Learn how music can change your writing, affect your brain, and stoke creativity.

Based on over a decade of my own research and hundreds of years of evidence, music as a tool has been proven to be effective. Last year’s attendees testified they have altered their writing habits – this works (probably because it’s not my idea!)

Social Media for Dummies [Otherwise known as “We’re Authors, not Techies”]  – Presented by J.C. Morrows
With the ever-changing face of publishing, authors are scrambling to keep up – and all of the things publishers used to do for their clients are falling through the cracks because authors were trained to write. . . not navigate the social media jungle that has become the general public’s constant hangout over the last ten years.

Not only will we highlight the social media platforms you SHOULD be on already, we will walk you through the tricky ins and outs of them – in a step-by-step program designed to make even the most hesitant novice feel like a pro!

Mining history – Presented by William Alan Webb
Turning points in history, where one man changed the history of the world, are countless. Using these as the basis for your fiction.

Spark. Igniting the Creative Side of the Brain – Presented by Kolin Mofield
Busting writer’s block through science. As authors, screenwriters, filmmakers and most creatives, we’ve all fallen in a plot hole, hit a blank page wall, or struggled to find that perfect phrase or concept. Utilizing a hands-on approach developed by leading neurologists, your subconscious mind can be encouraged to find solutions.

Using experiments designed to stimulate creativity, what previously seemed elusive or out of reach, can easily become an intuitive spark. Join Kolin Mofield as we explore the scientific technique of not thinking about it at all.

Guerilla Filmmaking – Presented by Thomas Moore
Film school? NO. – Education? YES!,- Money? Ins and out of fimmaking.

Book Design – Presented by Clifford Van Meter
A discussion in book design.

Writing Speculative Poetry: An introduction – Presented by Anton Cancre
A short description and discussion of the features and forms that distinguish Speculative poetry from traditional literary or confessional poetry followed by prompted writing and sharing of the work written during the workshop.

Indie Film Making : Planning the Movie – Presented by John Riser & Eric Roper
This workshop will reveal what to look for in a low budget screenplay, hiring the crew, what actors to cast, solving production problems, staying on schedule and on budget and much more.

Fan Fic Open Mic – Presented by Lana Dean Highfill
Have you written short stories, poems, or songs about your fandoms? Do you have an interpretive dance routine for the theme music of your favourite geeky TV show? Throw on your beret and give us your best performance (in 5 minutes or less). We provide the stage & a mic. The rest is up to you. All genres & fandoms welcome. Come early to sign up.

Proper Grammar – Presented by Rochelle Weber
Proper use of grammar.

Incorporating Fairy Tale Structures Into Your Work – Presented by Sela Carsen
Once Upon a Time…

A writer decided that the world needed more fairy tales. That meant that more writers needed to know about how fairy tales are put together. So she did some research…

This workshop discusses Prop’s narrative structure, as well as fairy tale archetypes, themes, styles, and interpretations.

Screenwriting for DIY Filmmakers – Presented by Cameron McCasland
A conversation about Indie film and its special consideration in screenwriting.

Love and Blood: Writing Paranormal Romance – Presented by Jim Gillentine
Jim Gillentine will be speaking on the subject of writing Paranormal Romance. Discussing mixing different genres, and making sure that the rules of romance writing are followed, he will show beginning writers his take on mixing love and blood.

Unleashing your Creative Potential – Presented by Angela Ramsey Robinson
Creative journaling exercises and experiential activities that would benefit any artist or writer, regardless of skill level. ( No visual art experience required.)

Transmedia for Authors – Presented by Patricia Loofbourrow
Unlike multimedia – a book turned movie – transmedia tells a story across various media forms. The Animatrix, the Potterverse, and the Star Wars Extended Universe are all parts of transmedia projects. This workshop shares one author’s experience with transmedia and shows how this art form can benefit your writing and business.

Dieselpunk 101 – Presented by John Pyka
This is a performance panel featuring “Big Daddy Cool”. John is theproducer and host of THE Dieselpunk Podcast, The Diesel Powered Podcast. He is also a 30 year professional live entertainer specializing in Dieselpunk magic, music and variety. In this interactive panel, Johnny opens with a signature performance of Minnie The Moocher (as BDC) then walks the audience through Dieselpunk, followed by Q&A from the audience that includes an in-depth interactive discussion about Dieselpunk in pop culture; movies, music, comics and TV properties that are or feature Dieselpunk elements; including Indiana Jones, Wonder Woman and Fantastic Beasts! This panel also seeks to answer the question once and for all: “Is Star Wars Dieselpunk?” The panel concludes with a magical performance of Mack the Knife to demonstrate Dieselpunk in practice as a fusion genre. Live video streaming of the panel from your convention may also be available.*

Indie SciFi Filmmaking and Writing – Presented by J. Welin
Developing a story, building a project and the process of filming and gaining an audience. The history of the project and how to use the tools available to get your vision out in the age of the internet.

Marketing – Presented by Abigail Keam & Teresa Reasor
Marketing strategies in today’s market


Love at First Sound…or Not: Hiring the Perfect Voice – Presented by Jacqueline M. Protho
Have you ever listened to an audiobook and thought, “I don’t think they fit the character” or “That person doesn’t sound 21?” Well you aren’t the only one. We’ve all listened to books or even watched movies and had this thought.

The purpose of this workshop is to prevent you from making the same mistake. The Audio Flow Casting Services will share tips and tools for independent authors and publishers to use in helping them find the ‘perfect’ voice for any audiobook project using our F.L.O.W method.

Selecting a narrator can make or break an audiobook. Let’s get started.

Outlining: Come With An Idea, Leave With An Outline – presented by Lydia Sherrer
Bring your story or story idea and walk through step by step how to outline it. Starting with discussing theme and the hero’s journey, down to the nitty gritty plot points and arcs. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of how to create an outline and use it to make your book a more solid, well-paced, and engaging read.