Testimonials about Imaginarium

Here are a few words from attendees and guests about Imaginarium

2017 Testimonials

“Imaginarium 2017 exceeded my expectations. As an attendee, I knew it would be good, especially via word of mouth from my dear friends and authors Marian Allen and Sara Marian Deurell. I have been to several retreats and conferences in past years for poetry and fiction, but never anything as extensive as Imaginarium. After thirteen panel/workshop discussions, my mind was spinning and in a good way. The moderators and panelists were excellent, informative, professional, upbeat and fun to listen to and be around. My brain received a refreshment of information I mislaid over the years in a few of the panels, while in others, I gained new, updated information. One smaller point – authors still hate to write a synopsis and query letter – and I will not be deterred. It was a energized experience filled with talent, but mostly importantly, overflowing with friendly, helpful people. I plan to return for Imaginarium 2018. It’s going to be a long year.” – Barbara Greer, attendee.

“Best event I’ve been to this year by far. I always look forward to Imaginarium and I’m never disappointed. I can’t wait until 2018.” -Victoria Escobar, author and editor.

“Imaginarium is the perfect convention for anyone interested in “how the sausage is made” in the publishing industry. Get a boost in learning your craft, make contacts, and just have a great time with your friends — and make new ones!” – Dave Creek, Author

“My first Imaginarium was 2017, and it was a blast. Awesome people, awesome panels and vendors and shows. If you’re into sci-fi/fantasy books or a writer yourself, you’ll love Imaginarium.” Linda Robertson, Author

“Imaginarium 2017 was the first convention I have had the pleasure of attending as a guest and as a vendor. It was one of the best experiences I have had. The atmosphere was very inviting. The other guests and vendors were very friendly and I made several new friends. The Imaginarium is a great place to network for creatives. I look forward to the years to come and to many more cherished memories to be made. Thank you for having me.” – Timothy Shackelford, Artist

2014-2016 Testimonials

“Imaginarium is writing fellowship at its best. Embracing, creative, informative, and fun. This event will be on my calendar every year.” – Teresa Reasor, NYT/USA Today bestselling author of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences and conventions, but nothing compares to Imaginarium and its open armed embrace of all aspects of the creative world. It truly defies all boundaries of medium and/or genre and provides a place for anyone with a creative drive to learn from and teach others. Nothing can rejuvenate your creative drive like being around like minded individuals, and Imaginarium provides that in spades.” – Seraphina Donavan, Bestselling Author

“If you are a writer, especially a genre fiction author, you seriously need to consider attending Imaginarium in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the only convention I have ever attended that specifically caters to those of us hoping to improve our craft and make significant connections. The panels and workshops are important, informative, and fun. The connections formed and/or strengthened are priceless. But for me, the family atmosphere was the reason I will return next year. I don’t mean family-friendly (although it most certainly is), I mean the convention has the feel of a family reunion you actually want to attend, with people you actually like. Oh, and did I mention Kentucky bourbon?” — Michael Knost, Bram Stoker Award®-winner and author of Return of the Mothman.

“Imaginarium was an amazing experience, amazing people, amazing talent from all over coming together in one area all for a purpose of sharing thoughts, ideas and love, as well as to inspire each other to keep going and keep pushing. Imaginarium had all the goods you could want at an event like this, I hope to see it continue to grow.” – Thomas Moore, Filmmaker

“Having participated in a goodly number of conventions over the years (and witnessed my share of SNAFUs), I have to say that the Imaginarium has consistently been the smoothest running event I’ve ever been a part of.” – T. Lee Harris, Production Director, Per Bastet Publications, LLC

“There are thousands of writing aids available in print, but none of them can compete with actually meeting writers, editors and publishers. This aspiring writer learned more in three days of panels and workshops and from listening and talking to these people than he did reading a shelf full of books!

The whole weekend was well organized, well presented and, most importantly, friendly and approachable. My first day’s apprehension dissolved during the first panel and I spent the rest of the weekend trying to cram in as much as possible. I also left the weekend with a dozen books to read 🙂

Thanks for putting this together Stephen, I’m already looking forward to Imaginarium 2016…who knows, next time I might have my own table!” – Mick Williams, attendee

“Attending Imaginarium 2015 was an incredible experience for me. It was my very first Writers Convention and I learned so much! I went from just wanting to write and tell stories, to finally seeing writing as more of a business. It opened my eyes. Everyone was incredibly kind and welcoming! Every panel I attended was definitely more than worth my time. I enjoyed the entire weekend and will most definitely be attending in 2016.” – Anna Moore, attendee

“Imaginarium has been a godsend for me. Not only have I been able to network with so many authors in my genre, but I’ve attended panels have have helped improve my writing. I’ve learned and been able to share what I know with others. With so much to offer writer AND reader alike, I intend to keep going back, year after year.” – Jesse V. Coffey, author

“I’m an upcoming author working on my first book, and I was getting very discouraged and felt lost. I questioned if I would ever finish, and if I did, would I even be able to get it published. When I heard about Imaginarium, I was hopeful but I remained skeptic of myself. I am extremely glad I attended this event. Everyone around me was very welcoming and friendly, which allowed me to learn a lot from them. They were able to provide amazing insight to the industry and from it I gained a lot of confidence in myself. Every question I had, there was a panel or workshop available that answered them. I was also able to met a lot of amazing people that provided additional confidence to finish my work. Before Imaginarium I was lost and doubtful, but after I came home from that one weekend with the confidence and motivation to keep going no matter my doubts. I will cherish the experience and many friendships I gained of like minded people for a lifetime.” – Michael Ruffin, attendee

“Imaginarium allows me to network with a group of people as passionate as they are talented, about the craft of writing.” – Tony Acree, Owner Hydra Publications.

“The Imaginarium Convention is a show with a fresh and unique approach, and one I’ve enjoyed. It’s a fusion of a writer’s conference and an entertainment extravaganza, and one that seems to be growing in scope and enthusiasm with each year.” – Tommy B. Smith, Author

“This year was my first time at Imaginarium. I met a lot of fellow authors and made friends with them. I attended a few panels and workshops and I learned so much over the 3 days. I was sad that it had to end. The time and money I invested in this event was beneficial to me and my writing career. If you go and don’t take anything from this convention, you are doing it all wrong. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I am looking forward to next year. Great job, Stephen!” – Darla Lark, attendee

“Imaginarium, in only its second year proves yet again why it’s not only the premiere convention to attend in Louisville but one of the best in the nation when it comes representing the arts with an emphasis on creative writing.” – Amy McCorkle, author/filmmaker

“Imaginarium 2015 exceeded my expectations with its mixture of the different arts and book genres. I made lots of friends and got great exposure for my books and my publisher as well as having a lot of fun attending the events. I will do it again!” – Barbara Ehrentreu, Author

“While my list of Writing Cons prior to Imaginarium includes only Ravencon in 2009 and 2010. I can say that for a convention only in its second year, Imaginarium, had its act very well put together. From friendly staff and Panelists, to Excellent Writing Workshops and Panels this Con had everything you could want and more… I would highly recommend you give Stephen Zimmer and his gang a shot to impress you with how awesome a party they can throw. So Saddle Up and Ride down to Imaginarium Where your imagination will run wild.” – Abigail Christine Cahoe, attendee

“A weekend filled with everything a creative person could want. Imaginarium is a hit!” – Kim Smith, Author

“Imaginarium was my favorite con the instant I heard Stephen was planning it. Year One (2014) was everything I hoped and Year Two was even better. I’ve been to cons where the staff seemed to think the purpose of the con was to put on a con, and the attendees/guests were irritations. Not so with Imaginarium. Even though the staff works HARD, each staffmember was upbeat, flexible, enthusiastic, and full of what my first-grade teacher used to call “that good old American can-do spirit.” Although the legacy attendees have a special bond, first-timers I invited were impressed with how welcoming everybody was. If I could only attend one event all year, it would be Imaginarium.” – Marian Allen, Author

“I attended Imaginarium with my kids ages 10 and 8. We are all avid readers and enjoy writing creatively. We were able to meet authors who took time to tell us about their books and answer questions (including what is Steam Punk). The panels were eye opening as we heard authors discuss their writing process. The best part is we came away with a deeper love of reading; as well as inspired and encouraged to take our own writing down new paths. My oldest has vowed to write in Steam Punk at school for writing assignments.” – Anna Glenn, attendee

“Imaginarium is vital for writers of any genre and any experience. Both veterans and beginners make themselves available to share their knowledge with other authors — and learn some new tricks themselves!” – Dave Creek, Author

“The panels are great places to learn from and teach fellow authors and readers about almost anything. Imaginarium 2015 inspired my husband to write a song — and he worried he’d be bored at a convention for creative people!” – TammyJo Eckhart, Author

“Imaginarium is unique in its field. It connects the arts in a way no other convention I know of does. Thanks to the staff and organizers for all their hard work!” – H. David Blalock, author

“My second year of entering “the Imaginarium” was a fabulous adventure. I haven’t been to a better organized,more helpful, and friendly convention yet! A blissful mix of literary, film, and fun for every age and genre. Great Job and I’ll see you next year!” – Georgia L. Jones, Author

“Imaginarium is one of those experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. When you experience it once, expect yourself to want to experience it again and again. You’ll make lots of great friends here, and meet lots of interesting people that will broaden your knowledge of the creative field. You will leave a different, better person.” – Vivian Hwang, author

“Going to the Imaginarium Convention was a truly great experience. I volunteered because I had never been on the inside of writing conferences and conventions. I was eager to help! So I totally was not expecting to have an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. I was blessed to meet some awesome people, see exceptional cover art, and even bought some new books. I was in Heaven. Still, the awesomeness didn’t end there. While listening in on various panels I was learning a lot about myself, my writing habits (both good and bad), and picking up on invaluable tips, suggestions, and advice from professionals. I want to say, my experience didn’t end when the convention was over. Sunday, as the convention was winding down and I was visiting the last few remaining panelist discussions, I got to thinking about my own works in progress and completed stories. I’ll admit, I have been completely blocked on writing the second book of my fantasy series ever since January. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why or what was preventing me from moving on. I really was trying! Due to all that I learned and listened to throughout the Imaginarium Convention, I experienced a major breakthrough with my fantasy series. I am now gung-ho and more excited than ever and I’m no longer experiencing writers block. I’m so, so grateful for having had the opportunity to help and be helped by this wonderful convention. My heart goes out to all those that allowed me to be a part of the experience.” – Michala Tyann, Volunteer and Attendee

“Attending the Imaginarium Convention was an experience that I won’t soon forget. I was given the opportunity to meet wonderful writers, receive valuable advice, and make new friends. The talent gathered during the convention was amazing, and I was so grateful to be a part of it. The panels, workshops, and featured guests were wonderful. Imaginarium will have a reserved spot on my calendar for years to come.” – Carma Haley Shoemaker, Author, Volunteer and Attendee