Harassment Policy

Imaginarium Harassment Policy

It is sad that any convention or event has to make a statement of this sort, but unfortunately harassment is a very serious issue at conventions and events. Imaginarium Convention seeks to provide a comfortable and inclusive climate for everyone in attendance.

As Bill and Ted famously said, “Be Excellent to Each Other”, and all will be fine.

However, verbal comments, or any behavior considered to be intimidating or of a stalking nature, including but not limited to the use of recording devices, disruption of discussions/events, unwelcome sexual attention, or inappropriate physical contact can result in revocation of event registration at the discretion of staff and security. We will not tolerate any abuse of any attendee with regard to their religion, ethnic heritage, gender, physical appearance, or sexual orientation. Any request to cease behavior deemed of a harassing nature is expected to be complied with immediately, and failure to do so will result in immediate revocation of the individual’s event registration. There are no refunds on a revoked registration, so please cooperate.

We also ask that anyone experiencing any harassment report it to our staff or security as soon as possible. Staff and security will be easy to identify with unique staff/security shirts.

Let’s all have a great weekend together and we sincerely hope that this policy does not have to be invoked a single time. Help us make that happen!

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