Gaming 2015

Gaming at Imaginarium!

Imaginarium 2015’s gaming will offer you all kinds of options to indulge your gaming side during the weekend!



Be sure to enter our TCGPlayer Platinum Maxpoints Tournament held at Imaginarium!

Saturday Sept 12, 2015
Format: Standard
Event Structure: Swiss with cut to top 8

Registration: 9:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Players Meeting: 11:00 AM
Head Judge: Patrick Nelson
Additional Judges: Alexander Strange

Cost: $30

1st: $400, Playmat + 50 Points
2nd: $200, Playmat + 30 Points
3rd-4th: $100, Playmat + 20 Points
5th-8th: $50, Playmat + 10 Points
9th-16th: Playmat + 5 Points

Exclusive Vendor in Magic Hall: Silver Creek Game Shop

Your tournament cost will get you access to the Magic Hall, Expo Room (Open to the Public) and the Game room Upstairs.  You do not need to purchase a full convention registration to participate in the tournament.

We will also have 8 person Booster Drafts and Win-A-Boxes for $15.

However, if you do want to attend and participate in the rest of the convention activities, including panels on various topics, the Film Festival, live music shows, and the Masquerade/costume contest you can purchase a full badge at a special discounted rate of $45.

More Gaming at Imaginarium 2015!

Louisville Board Gamers Hosting Games
Throughout Imaginarium Weekend

Enjoy Board games? We’ve got plenty of board gaming for our attendees as Imaginarium Convention proudly welcomes back the Louisville Board Gamers, who will be filling the game room up with hundreds of games of all types for people to come and enjoy. Not sure what to play? Just ask and they can give you a recommendation and show you how to play it. They have games of all types and for all ages!


“Wild Wars” Trading Card Game to Debut at Imaginarium 2015 with classes, demos and a Sunday Tournament!


Jeremy T. Hanke, editor-in-chief of MicroFilmmaker Magazine, filmmaker (Depleted: Day 419), and creator of the World of Depleted Creative Community, announces today his newest project, Wild Wars–an innovative new collectible strategy card game that uses nature and science in incredible ways–will be teaming up with Louisville, Kentucky’s Imaginarium Convention for their first annual King of the Wild tournament on September 13th!

Created by Hanke, along with his long-time collaborator Kari Ann Morgan, and developed initially for his own family, Wild Wars is a trading card game that blends the complexities of games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone with the science of shows like Animal Planet and Bill Nye: The Science Guy! Streamlined to permit ages 7 to 107 to get in on the fun, the game uses real world animals to wage battles with friends and family, featuring abilities that come straight out of nature and card rarities impacted by the actual endangered status of the animals featured. Wild Wars is the first physical card game to incorporate ground-breaking QR code technology to permit players to learn more about the animals, objects, and food sources the cards feature as they play!

Saturday’s events are a group demonstration of the Wild Wars game and a getting started class at 2 PM and one at 3:30 PM in the Gaming Hall. Admission to these demos and classes are free.

Sunday’s Constructed tournament will begin at 3 PM in the Gaming Hall and will have tiers based on the special Power Star System used in the game to identify difficulty levels, including Beginner (0 Stars), Novice (1 Star), Intermediate (2 Stars), and Advanced (3 Stars). Additionally, brand new players who wish to compete may do so with the “Out-of-the-Box” pre-constructed deck event, which allows players to use their skills with one of the pre-constructed decks!

The tournament entry fee will be $5. Those who wish to purchase pre-Constructed decks may do so for $10 for beginner decks or $15 for novice decks.

Prizes include ultra-rare custom decks and dual-kingdom power cards that won’t be released until the 2016 Kingdom Collision expansion! The Grand Prize winner will be permitted to design a card that will be included in an upcoming Wild Wars expansion!


Author TammyJo Eckhart to host A “Ghoul: Fatal Addiction” game from the World of Darkness

Start Time 7:00 PM Friday night in Game Room
Hidden in the Light of Day

Someone is killing Kindred in the City. During the daylight, when they are most vulnerable, they are being staked and then burned or decapitated. At first it was merely transient vampires, loners, rather insignificant people but yesterday it was someone of real value.

The Prince and his council of Primogens are worried. Kindred need ghouls. Oh, they don’t like to admit it and often their most important servants get ignored or abused, but the fact remains that without these “best of Seth’s children”, vampires would quickly fall to their hunger and their enemies. Discover what it’s like to be so very integral to and yet so very disenfranchised in the World of Darkness (WoD).

Can your ragtag ghoul group get along well enough to discover who is murdering your masters and your brothers/sisters in service before another death occurs? If you can’t, how will you survive the upcoming night and the wrath of those whom you serve?

The Storyteller is a published author of 8 books and numerous short stories. She has run a WoD game for 19 years in Bloomington, Indiana. This particular setting and situation was test-run by a mixed groups of experienced and inexperienced people at five other conventions – they report they had a lot of fun and could solve the mystery within 4 hours.

Characters claimed on a first come basis, 5 female and 5 male characters available from 10 different clans. Each has unique abilities and skills with personalities you can develop. 4-10 players needed. Please be 16+ in age. No prior WoD experience needed. Dice, scratch paper and pencils provided as are cheat sheets for your character’s stats.


Dark Side RPG Demos to be held by Game Creator in Gaming Room


Dark Side is a science fiction fantasy roleplaying game set in a world of technology and magic. You take on tasks to further either your or your classes goals. The world is a dangerous place and danger bring wealth and opportunity.

Demo play of the Dark Side RPG Beta will be available at this year’s Imaginarium with a sample adventure and the first 8 playable classes. Come by to try your hand and give your feedback. Also check out for free player information.

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