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Through the Imaginarium Convention, we strive to build as many networking, learning, and professional opportunities as possible for talented creative individuals of all levels. From students to seasoned professionals, our attendees are able to choose from a wide range of options catering to their areas of interest and level of expertise.

We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters comfortable interactions between guests of all backgrounds and ranges of experience.

Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials from previous attendees so that you can see for yourself the value that the Imaginarium Convention provides its attendees.

The more resources that we can develop, the more we can grow our programming, bring in additional guests, raise more awareness among those who would benefit from participating, build our inventory of support equipment for workshops and presentations, and create special events.

Your support as an Individual Patron of Imaginarium 2019 helps us in all of these areas. We are not a celebrity-driven event. Our emphasis is on providing valuable content. While our approach provides much more value to our attendees for their personal development, it does make the attainment of sponsorships more challenging than it would be if we had a mainstream media-attractive roster of big name celebrity guests.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and invite you to join us in our mission through becoming an Individual Patron of Imaginarium 2019!

Individual Patron of Imaginarium 2019: $50

As a special thank you for being an Individual Patron of Imaginarium 2019, we will recognize your support in the following ways:

  • Your name or a logo placement included on the Official Sponsors page on our website, with an acknowledgement as a member of the Imaginarium sponsor family
  • Name or business included in highlighted list within the program given to all attendees.

(You can choose to be anonymous if you would like.)

Become an Individual Patron of the Imaginarium Convention using the following add to cart button, and we will then contact you regarding how you would like to be listed (or if you would like your support to be anonymous):


Donations Also Accepted

You can also choose to make a donation to The Imaginarium Convention in any amount via the PayPal button below. Every donation helps us to do more to build and grow this event and expand what it can do for creatives.