Joann H. Buchanan

Joann H. Buchanan

I think we are like the universes conduits, and all that energy that’s floating around is made up of various stories. We listen, we pluck the stories from the sky, every particle has a tale and every tale a price…I think as writers, we are only telling what is already there.

I’m the mom of five children and have a wonderful husband who supports my passion for the written word. I own a small audiobook company called Empire Voices, we create theatrical audiobooks. Stop off at for information.

My list of books includes, I Am Wolf book 1 Children of Nox series, The Kiss book 2 Children of Nox series. Shine, releasing on July 29 2014, Novellas The Hunter, Soulless Light. Anthologies Horror in Bloom-story, Shadow Road, Hidden in Your World Anthology—story Frozen Light.

After Dark book 3 Children of Nox series slated to be release October 19th, 2014

Empires Lost, Keileigh slated to be released November 2014

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