James O. Barnes

jamesobarnes_imageThe easiest way to describe James. Simply put, he’s just a Dad that enjoys doing a lot of things. James is a teacher, writer, publisher, entrepreneur, speaker and coach. He has a few other interests that come and go, but the above takes up most of his time. That, and organizing the occasional event or conference.

James is the author of Thief King (fantasy), 3 Simple Rules (non-fiction), available now. James’ future projects and releases include Imposter (fantasy), EntrePublishing (video/audio course), New Spirits: Distilling the Future (non-fiction), and the community website LostCompass.com (October 2016). A site for those navigating the complexities of life, work and play without losing sight of their goal.

For more information about James, please visit his site at: www.jamesobarnes.com

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