Eric Beebe

Why should I listen to anything Eric Beebe has to say?

That’s a good question. Eric is not the exalted leader of book marketing, the guru of best sellers, the master of the book selling domain. Yet, in reality no one is, and if they tell you otherwise, they may be trying to sell you a famous bridge or some swamp land.

Seriously though, why should you listen to Eric? Well, Eric has been involved in marketing for four decades. He worked for the largest marketing insight company on the planet for 15 years and currently runs a successful small press. He has also taught marketing at the university level and moderated countless panels and workshops on how to get your book out there. His methods are proven (anecdotally) and he won’t lie to you and tell you if you do everything he suggests you will sell a million books. He will leave that hyperbole to the other guys.

So, basically, you should listen to Eric because he will tell it to you straight. Eric provides the information as well as the way to determine if it works or not. He is not afraid to tell you where he failed and allow you to learn from his mistakes. His goal is to help you sell your book.

Using the methods he will discuss, Eric has sold roughly 50,000 books in just over six years. Seeing that as a big number or a small number is up to you. As Eric will tell you, most independent authors don’t sell that many books. Those that do generally do so at a price so low they are devaluing their work.

Eric Beebe is the owner / founder of Post Mortem Press. His book No Nonsense, No Gimmick Guide to Marketing Your Book: How to Sell More Books without Selling Your Soul was released in early 2015 and is due for an update. Two years is a long time in the world of publishing and marketing.

You can learn more about Post Mortem Press at

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