Dan Jolley

2014 Imaginator


Dan Jolley
Writer/Game Designer

In a freelance career spanning 24 years, Dan Jolley has written comic books for every major publisher in the country, authored original novels, licensed-property novels, and movie novelizations, and provided game design and dialogue for multiple video games, including the Transformers titles War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Dan’s latest comic book projects include his creator-owned series BLOODHOUND, available from Dark Horse Comics in two volumes — BLOODHOUND Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology and BLOODHOUND Vol. 2: Crowbar Medicine. Also at Dark Horse, Dan is writing the six-issue TERMINATOR mini-series Enemy of My Enemy, a new story set entirely in 1985. Learn more about Dan at his website, www.danjolley.com, and follow him on Twitter @_DanJolley.

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