Masquerade Ball

Welcome, welcome, one and all to the first annual Imaginarium Masquerade Ball!

Join us Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 10:00 PM for the ultimate festival of nerd culture! Live music and a cash bar await you, so choose your best literary costume and join the fun! Silent judges will be on hand to choose the best and most original costumes, and phenomenal prizes are available, donated by our wonderful Imaginarium Guests!


  1. All costumes must be literary in nature. Costumes can be built from movie/television franchises, but the character itself must have a basis in literature (classic, speculative, romance, comic, indie, etc).
  2. Costumes will be judged on creativity, uniqueness, and character-based precision. A costume does not have to be of professional make to be considered for the prizes. We want to see our cosplayers’ imaginations shine through.
  3. Since our judges won’t know everyone in attendance, a sign-in sheet will be provided at the door. If you wish to be considered for the prizes, we ask that you sign in when you arrive with your real name and your character. In the event we have more than one of the same character, photos may be taken by con staff for reference. (Note: The judges will not see this list.)
  4. No nudity. This event as with the rest of Imaginarium’s main events, is family friendly. All ages will be admitted to the Masquerade. Costumes containing nudity or adult-themed parts will be disqualified from the contest and the wearer asked to change clothes and/or leave.
  5. A cash bar will be provided, however proper identification will be required. Only guests whose ID has been checked by our staff and receives a convention-issued armband will be able to purchase drinks at the bar.


Coming Soon. Our staff is still finalizing the list!

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