This is not the final lists of panels and workshops. Will update throughout the year so please check back frequently.

Panel Descriptions

Creative Writing Focused Panels

“I Strenuously Object !!!” – (Mod – Eric Moser) – Tips on including legal storylines in your work. Do you want to include a legal storyline in your novel, game, or movie, but you’re unsure how to do it? Inserting a legal storyline can greatly enhance the narrative conflict, upping the stakes and pitting characters against one another. However, although legal professionals can be voracious readers, they strenuously object to stories with unrealistic or poorly designed legal scenes. Learn how to include legal storylines that will have readers finding you guilty…of being a great writer!

Dialogue is My Achilles Heel! – How to better engage your audience and readers with clever dialogue. How to write an accent, describing voice, and so forth.

Walking in Another’s Shoes – Writing character POVs, how far to push the stereotype without offending. (man writing woman) (writing older or younger characters) (race or religion)

Character Flaws vs Mary Sue – Defining both with examples, comparing them and discussing when and why you would use them in your writing.

Marketing Mistakes – Advice on marketing yourself and what NOT to do and sharing some stories of those who learned the hard way.

Pushing Through – How to write when you can’t write. Using your craft to push through hard times and hardships.

Supernatural Discussion – Discussing all things related to the acclaimed TV series, Supernatural. The growth of the characters, theories and insights, including why all the female characters die, and much more!

Character Creation – Developing enticing characters for your story

Creative’s Balance – (Mod – Ana Maria Selvaggio) – Discussing ways to balance health issues with being a full time creative.

Horrific Tendencies – Delve into the discussion of writing horror for books, gaming, and film.

Audio Book Tips – Tips from the professionals on creating your quality audio book.

World Building – How to build the world for your storyline from start to finish.

Book and Booze III – Authors speaking on their love of spirits while they partake in some sampling of their favorites.

Stop Talking and Start Writing – Learn how to stop talking about writing your book and actually start writing it.

Edit You Say? – This discussion will touch on making your book successful not by what is left in it, but by what has been left out.

How to Write a Fresh Romance – Making your romance story new and exciting for a variety of readers.

Stop Blaming the Butler – How to jazz up your mystery and or thriller.

Fairy Good Stories – A discussion on keeping your fairytales fresh.

Pitch Like a Pro – Discussing the art of the pitching your book, screenplay, or game design.

Sex in Religion – How to tastefully add spice to Christian literature.

The Cross Genre Author – Learn ways to sprinkle in aspects from several genres into your story.

The Writing Schedule Juggle – Panelist will share their own experiences juggling family life, outside jobs, and making time to write.

Blending Religions in Your Story – Mixing religions such as Christian Wicca and so forth into your storyline.

A Squirrel Stole My Pen – Tips on weaving animals into your story.

Fantastic Fantasy – How to make your fantasy exciting and unique.

Research Done Right – How to effectively do productive and correct research prior to writing your story.

Effective Query Letters – Learn the ins and outs of effectively writing top notch query letters.

Freelance Options – Discussing ways to freelance write and options, while you continue writing your own story.

Paranormal Realms – Writing engaging paranormal stories.

Creative Depression – Discussing the issue of depression among creatives and ways to seek help and reach out.

Lores & Myths – A discussion on keeping the stories of old fresh and entertaining for today’s audience.

Thrilling Mysteries – How to juice up a thrilling mystery story.

Non-Fiction Writing – Ways to correctly write a true non fiction story.

Murder and Mayhem – Ways to write that enticing murder mystery.

Laugh it Up – Effective strategies to introduce comedy into your writing.

Small Press vs The Big Five – Pros and cons of publishing with a small press vs a large one.

Comics – How to write and draw enticing comics.

Your My Superhero – Discussion on creating the next big superhero for today’s audience.

Writing for Children – Discussion on proper techniques to writing the perfect children’s story.

Lust or Bust – Ways to sex up your romance novel.

The Oxford Comma – Discussion of proper writing techniques.

Writing for the LGBTQ Audience – Learn the proper use of pronouns within the LGBTQ community and the definitions of “labels”.

Becoming a Copywriter – How you can become a copywriter.

Blockchain in Publishing – Discussion on what is “Blockchain” and how it relates in the publishing world.

Effective Journalism – How to become a effective journalist.

How to Blog – Discussion on techniques to get the most out of your blogging and how to get started.

How to Get Along with Editors – Tips on how to build a trusting and productive working relationship with your editor.

How to Self-Publish – Strategies to use for publishing your own story.

Let’s Talk Funding – Discussion on how to fund your next book, game, film, and or creative project using platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe.

Should I Ghost? – Pros and cons of ghostwriting.

The Big Rewrite – Techniques to revamp and re-pitch a rejected manuscript.

The Illustrator Search – Finding the right artist for your cover and illustrations.

Marvel Vs DC – Panelist will face off in this audience interactive discussion about their favorite between Marvel and DC Comics.

Green Winter Webseries Discussion – Includes a panel of 5 creatives from different perspectives on the project. Writing, Producing, Acting, Props and Wardrobe along with the Production side giving a 5-7 min presentation on their perspective of working on the project. We wrap up with the remaining 15 mins being a Q & A with the crowd. (60 min)

Film Focused Panels

Film Distribution – These days you have options. You may choose to sign a traditional deal or you can leverage digital platforms. So before you decide on your film distribution strategy, let’s discuss your options.

Finding Your Target Audience – How To Uncover The Proper Target Audience For Your Film.

Tips For Hacking Hollywood – Discussion on creating a blog about your film, collecting email addresses and why, always thinking about community, and much more.

Filmmaking on a Indie Budget – How to make a film on a shoestring budget.

Sit Down with a Screenwriter – Screenwriters share their knowledge and will be answering questions from the audience.

Writing a Script from A to Z – Screenwriters will be conversing on the construct of creating your screenplay.

So You Want to Be an Actor – Learn tips of the trade from seasoned actors in the business.

Green Winter Webseries Discussion – Includes a panel of 5 people from different perspectives on the project. Writing, Producing, Acting, Props and Wardrobe along with the Production side giving a 5-7 min presentation on their perspective of working on the project. We wrap up with the remaining 15 mins being a Q & A with the crowd.

Gaming Focused Panels

Game Business and Marketing – Become familiar with the latest gaming trends, network with seasoned game designers and find your next business partner. Gain valuable insight into building and marketing your game, through social media channels, user acquisition and gaming community collaboration.

Turning Your Book or Film into a Game – How to take your story to a whole new level and target a new audience by developing a game.

Demo Game Production – Game designers share the ins and outs of how to create a demo game.

Game Design Strategies – Learn tips on constructing a game of your own.

Workshop Descriptions

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Writers Make in the Book Writing Business – Presented by Arlene Gale –
Write High-Quality Books That Sell Learn what’s important to know on the “business side” of writing a powerful and profitable book. This eye-opening presentation will inspire writers to create a book that actually sells by addressing the questions and answers for a solid marketing foundation. (Topic is beneficial for beginner to advance writers of both nonfiction and fiction.) Learn How To: • Develop written book content into a publishable, sellable, and profitable book. • Avoid the biggest mistakes and pitfalls most first-time writers and multi-published authors make and how these can be avoided to produce a profitable book. • Develop a foundational marketing plan for directional control and profit planning with consideration given to the who, what, where, when, and why of elements related to the author’s expertise, customer/reader base, and competition. • Create and maintain an on-line presence using the right social media and website content to feature and grow an author platform, which feeds sales. • Set yourself up as a “real business” for financial management, author protection, and more. (60 min)

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Know the Difference and How to Use Each Effectively – Presented by Arlene Gale –
Many people use these words interchangeably, but they are very different and serve different purposes in an author’s successful business plan. Missing any of these elements is like trying to sit comfortably on an unbalanced stool that’s missing legs or has uneven legs. An understanding of these terms focuses on helping writers expand thinking on these business topics for determining where and how to invest time, energy, and money. Different stages of the book writing journey benefit from a different focus on each of these elements for a balanced and profitable business strategy. (Topic is beneficial for beginner to advance writers of both nonfiction and fiction.) Learn How To: • Define marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales. Clarify each one’s uniqueness and give examples on how and why to incorporate each into an author’s business plan. • Leverage each of these factors for business growth, including a discussion of how to “market outside of the box” meaning offline and in addition to with or on the computer. • Consider different elements to include in an advertising budget, including social media ads, other media, special events, and swag. • Use an author website, social media, and traditional media to feed business growth with content that is interesting, relatable, FREE, and not just focused on sell, sell, sell. * * * * (60 min)

How to Use a Website-Based Book to Build a Loyal and Engaged Fan Base Even Before Your Book is Published! – Presented by Arlene Gale –
This business-building, content rich presentation stresses the importance of having a dedicated author website, including use of a website-based book to build and leverage a fan base, beta reader group, and best seller campaign. Learn about key elements making an author’s site successful for marketing and business growth. Learn how to take strategic advantage of technology to build up a variety of author tools. (Topic is beneficial for beginner to advance writers of both nonfiction and fiction.) Learn How To: • Use technology to build a powerful website-based book as a marketing funnel and develop a strong following for your book, even before it gets published. • Make your book(s) a business, and build a powerful online author presence. • Create a step-by-step marketing plan to create pre-sales, before the book launches. • Develop a business plan several months in advance of launching your book so you begin marketing and selling it from day one. • Create excitement for your book with the proper use of video content. • Learn how to gather thousands of leads by attracting them from social media directly to your website. (60 min)

Part 1: Path to Success: Self-Awareness & Kindness Method – Presented by Colleen Green – Author Colleen Green will discuss how managing three aspects of your life while being self-aware and kind to others will increase your chances for success in accomplishing any goal. Once you learn how to be aware of your stress levels, manage your contacts while being kind to others, and maintain discipline in your craft there are no limits to how far your dreams will take you. Sit back and enjoy her talk about her experiences and walk away inspired to be at your best! (60 min)

Part 2: Outlining a story before writing a rough draft – Presented by Colleen Green – Learn how author Colleen Green creates her outline by looking at relationships and plot. She is the author of two romance books in the Amber Milestone Series, and the Witches of Blackstone Series is written under her pen name Karen Kasey. Books in both genres will be available for sale during the Imaginarium convention 2019. (60 min)

Legal Issues for Creatives – Presented by Eric Moser – The life an creative can be ripe with legal issues, including contracts, intellectual property, piracy, estate planning, and more. In this workshop, Eric Moser, a Louisville attorney, writer, and game designer, will share tips on handling some of the most common legal issues a creative may encounter. (60 min)

Finding Your Story – Presented by Brett Brooks – Finding Your Story is an introspective writing workshop that addresses topics ranging from story telling mechanics to exploring your own motives as a creator. Journeying with the attendees through my own graphic novel publications and industry experience, we open the floor to freely discuss what it means to be a writer, the difference between inspiration and dedication, and how our personal trials can be effectively injected into the narratives we craft. (60 min)

Level Up Your Audio – Presented by Neal Merrick – This workshop will instruct game developers and film producers on how to step up the level of quality in their music. Although, a lot of you may not think you can afford to do so. Neal will surprisingly show you how to step up the level of quality in your music and give you a plethora of affordable options. This will be addressed in detail as well as the actual production and scoring process. Also valuable information that can help you with your audio book productions.

“Scrivener” Not Your Parent’s Word Processor – Presented by Larry Hoy – By now you have all heard the name. Stop by as I give you a quick intro into my writing tool of choice. The versatility and power of this little word processor is hard to believe. If you are a Scrivener beginner, stop by and watch me fire this thing up. If you are a Scrivener veteran, stop by and share your favorite tool. If you have never seen Scrivener, stop by and prepare to have your mind BLOWN. (60 min)

How to Create a Program for your Book – Presented by Kimberly Bush Hoffman – Looking for ways to market your book? A program is an excellent way to connect with the public and advertise as well as make a difference in your community. Kimberly Hoffman will be presenting a 90-minute workshop on how you can create a program for your book. Topics include how to develop your topic, formats for presentation, how to engage your group, advertising your program, modifying program for various ages, etc. (90 min)

Building Out Your Book: Making Your Marketing Uniquely Yours – Presented by Ana Maria Selvaggio – Join illustrator, author, and designer Ana Maria Selvaggio for this workshop and group brainstorming session on creating inventive ways to market your book. Known globally as Renmeleon, Selvaggio will walk you through alternative options in venues as well as creating coordinating promotional pieces for your book. (120 min)

Producing a Web-Series: The Descent into Chaos – Presented by Jay Welin – A simple guide into the lasting effects of making a webseries. Step by step how not to guide for producing a webseries on a budget. (90 min)

How Social Media Can Change Your Business – Presented Matthew Longville – Learn the different platforms of social media and how to utilize each one to best optimize your reach to your target audience. How to use branding to help your business along with best strategies for each size business. (60 min)

How to Be the Leader You and Everyone Needs! – Presented by Matthew Longville – Learn how to manage the time you have and learn that everyone is capable of their dreams! Become the role model that you always needed in life by becoming the best you for yourself and others! (60 min)

Place in Fiction – Presented by Michael Williams – It’s not just the setting of a story, film, or novel. Place acts dynamically in a narrative, shaping the plot and character, creating meaning and atmosphere: it can be a kind of shorthand for the mood of the story and of the world it inhabits. In a combination of informal talk and interactive exercises, we’ll explore ways in which to transform the places you write about from backdrop into a dynamic part of the fiction you’re writing. ( 90 min)

Build a World Your Reader Can Sense – Presented by Sandy Lender – Whether it’s meant to hold an urban fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, steampunk romance, current-day murder mystery, or any other story, the world you build must feel, look, smell, sound, and taste real to your readers. From your system of government(s) to your pantheon of gods to your mode(s) of transportation over arid lands, consistency and coherence in a real or imaginary world will either jar your reader out of the story or coax your reader into a place of perfect suspension of disbelief. Come to this workshop knowing the basic elements that make up the breathable atmosphere for your world or just be ready to participate in Q&As of wackiness. Above all, make sure you’re ready to take notes for group learning. Your workshop leader, Sandy Lender, has 10 novels and multiple short stories published with a few different worlds, and she’s led workshops on character development and worldbuilding for various writers’ conferences. This time, we’re going to design worlds readers will fall in belief with. (90 min)

Creating Compelling Characters – Presented by Cassandra Morgan – Whether it’s a steamy romance or an epic high fantasy, stories are about the people and characters experiencing the plot. And creating interesting characters that draw people into your story is one of the key elements of story-telling. Join author Cassandra Morgan as she walks you through how to create a compelling character for whatever stage of writer you are. Learn about Tropes vs Stereotypes, Drive, Wants and Needs, and everything in between. (60 min)

Elements of Story – Presented by Cassandra Morgan – They say there are 5-9 core stories, and that we are all retelling the same ones. Whether it’s Rags to Riches, The Quest, or Tragedy, all stories are made up of the same core elements. Join author Cassandra Morgan for a light dive into each of the main elements that make up a story. (60 min)

DOING DOCUMENTARY – Presented by Stephen Lackey – Getting Started telling real stories in film (or something like that) in this we will discuss the process of getting started in documentary filmmaking from researching a potential subject, interview techniques, shooting B roll, and do’s and don’ts with real world examples from our years in the industry. (60 min)

Plotting, Pantsing, Plotsing–Finding Your Writing Process – Presented by Carrie Callahan – This workshop is all about finding the process that works for you. This means letting go of the pressures to write a “certain way,” and recognizing what writing advice is subjective and what isn’t. We’ll talk about the different methods of drafting a short story or manuscript, the pros and cons of each, and how to explore process in a way that is productive–remembering that in a world that demands prolifically, it always helps to work smarter, not harder. (60 min)

Finding Hope & Healing In The Creative Arts – Presented by Amy Leigh McCorkle – Bestselling and award winning author/screenwriter/filmmaker Amy Leigh McCorkle shares her personal story from breakdown to bestseller and how she got there by embracing her love written word. (60 min)

Self-Publishing Overview – Presented by April Brown – Self-publishing feels overwhelming. So many places to start. Multiple options to upload various file types. They don’t all match. Several distributors and combinations of distributors and social media blast options. It’s difficult to know where to begin. Each section of this workbook goes into detail about everything you need before you reach the destination’s internet page. Step one covers an indepth look at nine distributors. The cover page for each highlights the major points later broken into individual worksheets. Step two goes into more detail about the pre-launch and post-publishing marketing aspects among several platforms. The Book Listing Newsletter sites picks a few sites to cover. More come and go every day. It gives a general idea of what you need prepared to use them. The last major section covers information about direct sales. This is something some authors look forward to, and others dread. It’ll give you a list of points to remember for each one. This group of checklists aims to help you organize your plan. Of course, it can’t cover every option out there. They are constantly changing. Use these lists as a guide on your publishing and marketing journey. Worksheets can be printed and updated for each project, or kept in a binder to refer to on all stages of the process: before, during, and after publication. This book includes a link (in the back) to download an Excel spreadsheet full of data to help you connect all of this information into a practical. (60 min)

Crafting Cross-Genre Fiction – Presented by Sara Marian – Tired of tropes and ready for a twist? Rules were made to be broken, right? Break out of the genre box in this workshop, where we’ll talk about crafting a good story that takes a reader places they’ve never been before. Whether you’ve already got a cross-genre project in mind or are looking for a new idea, this workshop will provide writing advice for creating the unexpected. Through an informal talk, Q&A, and interactive exercises, we’ll fire up our imaginations and maybe even come up with some novel ideas (pun entirely intended) (60 min)

Reverse Engineering A Indie Film – Presented by Cameron McCasland – Learn how to write a script that you can get off of paper and onto the screen using a simple writing strategy and learning organizational skill. (60 min)

Fantastic Philology – Presented by Levi Dunn – Fantastic Philology started as a paper but sprawled into both a unique method of understanding linguistic roots and implementing them in worldbuilding and character development. This workshop gifts the tools to critically analyze different ancient languages, discuss uses of Old languages in fantastic literature, and engage in the uses of these sources to serve as tools to enrich the texture of a secondary setting while providing deeper, subtle meanings into important facets of your writing. While the original paper and two presentations the primary focus was on Old English, Norse, and French but now includes discussions on incorporating ancient Slavic, Germanic (West German & Gothic), Chinese, Bengali, and Hindi. (60 min)

Strange Structures – Presented by Levi Dunn – Strange Structures analyzes three classical writers in the Weird Fiction genre, as well as five more contemporary writers, and connects them with an overarching theory, providing insights on both a traditional method of Weird Writing while discussing key elements which distinguish them. Classic Weird writers discussed include masters Clark Ashton Smith (Weird High Fantasy), Ambrose Bierce (focusing on the use of Weird in his poetry), and arguably the progenitor of Cosmic Horror, H.P. Lovecraft (Weird Science Fiction/Horror) while contemporary titans China Mieville (Literary Weird), Thomas Ligotti (Philisophical Weird), Daphne du Maurier (Weird Gothic), as well as Bizzaro Fiction writer’s Carlton Mellick III and Cameron Pierce. (60 min)

HOW TO CREATE A SCI-FI SUPER STORY FOR FILM – Presented by Demetrius Witherspoon – If you want your film story to survive today’s distractions and become bigger then you ever imagine, you need a super story. Come find out how to engage and extend the life of your project to generate additional revenue. (60 min)

Writing and Tea with Jen – Presented by J L Mulvihill (JEN) – Come have a cup of tea with Jen and guests as you learn some great descriptive writing skills. There will be hand outs and required writing. (120 min)

Erasure Poetry Workshop – Presented by Lana Helm – Imagine…you are given the words of others along with the freedom to create something new… Welcome to Erasure Poetry – a workshop where you will literally erase selected words of a text & write a poem from what’s left. Participants are welcome and encouraged to bring a single page of text (photo-copied) or may request a random page from the Poet. (120 min)

Cosplay has Character! – Presented by Lana Helm – Sure…anyone can dress the dress. But can you walk the walk and talk the talk? Take your cosplay to the next level by embodying the character under the clothes. In this workshop, you will learn how to bring your cosplay character to life by learning how to move like them, talk like them, act like them, and, dare I say, BECOME like them! (60 min)