Below are panel and workshop descriptions.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to browse our full programming!

We also have a PDF document that you can download and view or print that has grid-style breakdowns of panel and workshop programming, the film screening schedule, the gaming schedule, events, and other elements! Click to view or right-click to download and save!

Imaginarium 2018 Schedule PDF Document for Download

2018 Panel Descriptions

Giddy Up –  Will be discussing the art of writing a great western. Sat 11:30am in room Burley. Panelist include : ( MOD- Scott Sandridge ) Lana Read, Brian Dobbins,

Books and Booze – Lighthearted look at the author’s love of libations. Sat 5:45 in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Daniel Hooberry) Stephen Zimmer, Eric Jude, Tommy B Smith, Marian Allen, Brian Dobbins, Jason Sizemore 

Blending Genres –  We will be discussing genres, subgenres, writing strategies, and stylistic maneuvers that writers can use in their own multigenre novels.  Sun 9am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-Daniel Dark) Neal Sayatovich, Carma Shoemaker, Micheal West, Bobby Rich 

So You’ve Been Up all Night – Sat 9am in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Neal Sayatovich) Marian Allen, Greg Lewis, Rebecca Westerman Tips on how to shut your brain down till morning. We have all been there, writing away and suddenly you see a bright light through the window and realize it is the sun and you indeed have written all night long.

Online Advertising on a Indie Budget – Sat 9am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-Julie Cross) Stephen Zimmer, J. Welin  Tips on when, where, and how to online advertise and not break the bank in the process.

Felines in Fiction – Cats in the creative’s life and literature. Fri 8pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod- Lydia Sherrer) T.Lee Harris, Mary Ellen Quire, Pam Turner,

Historicity Writing – Historicity is the historical facts of persons and events, meaning the quality of being part of history as opposed to being a historical myth, legend, or fiction. Historicity focuses on the true claims about the past (denoting historical actuality, authenticity, and factuality). Sat 9am in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod-Daniel Dark) Matt Leyshon, T Lee Harris 

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s of America (SFWA) – The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s of America has accepted indie writers as members for some time now. Find out how SFWA membership can help you promote your work, help settle contract disputes, and network with other writers. Sat 4:30pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include : (Mod- Donna Dull) William Alan Webb, Dave Creek, Dylan Warman, Rebecca Westerman 

Healthier Habits for Creatives – An author gets little time for exercise so it is important to eat right, reduce stress, and exercise as much as possible. We will discuss things you can do to help you lead a healthier life. Sun 9am in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Janie Franz) Angelyn Sherrod, Donna Dull, Kelci Crawford 

Composing Newsletters with Mail Chimp and Beyond – Will discuss how to compose the perfect newsletter, creating Mail Chimp accounts and beyond! This will be a 2hr panel. Sun 2pm in room Heartland.  Panelist include:  (Mod- Sandy Lender) (90min) Kelci Crawford, Addie King, Eric Shawn Moser, Megan McIntosh.

Folklore and Fairytales – Folklore and fairy tales have long played a big part in the minds of writers. This panel will explore these realms and the ways they are incorporated into storytelling in all kinds of genres. Fri 5:30pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Jim Gillentine) Sela Carsen, Josef Matulich, Sandy Lender, Edward Franke, CrystalRavyn Jones

Non-Fiction – Non-fiction is a big market in the world of book publishing. Our panelists will discuss the non-fiction market and its state today. Sat 10:15am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-William Alan Webb) Amy McCorkle, Elizabeth Donald, Jim Hodgson, Paul Hoffman.

Urban Myths and Legends – Including stories of real life monsters, creatures, and the sort, that have been handed down orally for generations into your writing. Sun 9am in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod-Julie Cross) Michael Williams, J. Welin 

Writing for Children – This panel explores the craft of writing for children, from tips and techniques, to the kinds of stories and characters that connect well with younger readers. Fri 8pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod-Leah Pugh) Kimberly Hoffman, Jen Selinsky, Katheryn Ragle,

Sustaining Mental Health in Creatives – This panel will explore the topic of mental health as it pertains to those in the creative world, with a special focus on getting help and treatment when struggling in this area. Sat 4:30pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Carma Haley Shoemaker) Sheridan C. Hall, Melissa Goodman, Angelyn Sherrod, Jim Gillentine, Amy McCorkle

Electrifying Your Erotica – Tips and techniques for spicing up your erotica writing is the focus of this panel! Attendees of this panel must be 18+! Sat 5:45pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod- Angelyn Sherrod) Jim Gillentine, Jesse V Coffey, Kristi Bradley, Cathy Jacskon, Jessica Eve Cardwell 

Romance Publishing – The popularity and number of writers and releases in the Romance genre make it a challenging one for publishers of all sizes. This panel will discuss the state of Romance publishing today, including the print and eBook markets, the trends, and much more. Fri 8pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Cathy Jackson) Chasity Bowlin, Melissa Goodman, Mysti Parker, Jessica Eve Cardwell, Robyn Peterman

Frugal Conventioning – Tips and tricks on how to make it through a convention on a dime. Sun 9am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Addie King) CrystalRavyn Jones, Missy Goodman, Marian Allen, Greg Lewis 

Beyond Kindle – There is life beyond Kindle and many authors do very well in non-Kindle eBook markets. This panel will explore the other eBook markets and options, from iTunes, to Nook, Kobo, and others. Sun 12:45pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod- Donna Dull) – Carol Preflatish, Janie Franz, April Brown,

Humorous Writing – No writer wants their humor stale! This panel will explore writing effective humor, giving tips and techniques that will have your readers grinning and even laughing out loud! Sun 10:15am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- A.E.Decker) eden Hudson, Mysti Parker, Mary Ellen Quire, Jimmy Misfit, Jonny Walls.

How to Fracture a Fairy Tale – One of the more popular panels from last year’s Imaginarium is back for an encore! Our panelists will engage in a fun and spirited discussion on the art of fracturing a fairy tale! A very fun and creative panel! Sat 11:30am in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- S.C. Houff) A.E.Decker, Sela Carsen, Carma Haley Shoemaker, Brad Rieman

The Cozy Mystery –  Don’t get too cozy when writing one. A very popular style of mystery, the Cozy Mystery is defined by some key elements that our panelists will identify, along with some writing tips for those looking to develop one of their own. Fri 5:30pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Brenda Drexler) Candy Ann Little, Mary Ellen Quire, Katheryn Ragle,

Far Out in the Uncharted Backwaters – When Storytellers gather, especially after a few drinks, often magic happens. In this panel the participants will weave an impromptu story based on suggestions by Imaginarium guests and visitors. It will be totally spontaneous and possibly a bit rude and off color at times so 18 and older unless accompanied by a consenting adult please! Sat 9:30pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Janie Franz) Mysti Parker, Matt Leyshon, Cyrus Keith 

YA Today – Young Adult fiction is as popular as ever, and this panel will discuss where it is today, and give a little speculation regarding the direction it is heading. Sat 10:15am in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Susan Burdorf) Mackenzie Flohr, Leah Pugh, Kelly Martin, Jerry Gordon, Rachel Lopez

Dissecting the Dystopian – What are the essential elements of a dystopian novel? Our panelists will break down the characteristics of a dystopian tale, and what makes for a compelling one! Sat 5:45pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod-Scott Sandridge) eden Hudson, Jimmy Misfit, Rebekah McAuliffe, Bethany Kesler, Alison Richards 

Horror: Prose that Preys – Writing effective horror is a craft, and our panel of horror writers will be giving many writing tips to help you develop “prose that preys”! Fri 4:15pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Daniel Dark) Chad McClendon, Tim Waggoner, David L. Day, Michael West, Brad Rieman 

Releasing the Steam: A Steampunk Forum – Attendees who love the gears, gadgets and attire of the steampunk world will enjoy this panel exploring steampunk in 2017. Those not familiar with this genre can learn a lot about what steampunk is, and what it has to offer readers and writers alike! Sat 12:45pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Josef Matulich) Sara Marian, Cathy Jackson, Geoffrey Mandraogra, Andrea Hintz,

A Discussion of Gothic Fiction – What is Gothic Fiction and what are some prime examples? This panel will explore the elements of Gothic Fiction, its history, and where it is today. Sun 11:30am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- Michael Williams) Chad McClendon, Amanda Burkhead, Sara Marian, Elizabeth Donald,

Mystery Mastery – What’s expected, and how to put your own voice on your story . An exploration of the world of Mystery from a writing perspective. What are the essentials? How do you develop your own voice in a highly-popular genre such as Mystery? Fri 8pm in room Goldenrod. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Angelyn Sherrod) Eliot Parker, Juanita Houston, Kristi Bradley, Brad Rieman 

Defining Urban Fantasy Today – The definition of urban fantasy has evolved and broadened over the years, and this panel will discuss where that definition is today.  The panel will explore the elements of urban fantasy for those interested in writing in the genre. Fri 5:30pm in room Derby. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Megan McIntosh) John F. Allen, S.C.Houff, Michael Williams, Nathan Day, Carma Haley Shoemaker,

Today’s Universe of Science Fiction – Science Fiction is alive and well, from hard science-focused stories to grand space operas. This panel will explore the state of science fiction today and where it appears to be heading. Sat 10:15am in room Burley. Panelist inlcude: (Mod-Dave Creek) Dylan Warman, Peter Welmerink, Lorena Reith Peter, Austin Sheehan, Rebecca Westerman  

The Occult in Literature – The occult is often used in literature, from thrillers, to mysteries, to horror and cross-genre tales. With a vast amount of information available and a history that extends to the beginning of humankind, the occult has proven to be fertile ground for storytellers. Our panelists will discuss the presence and use of the occult in literature. Sat 3:15pm in room Derby. Panelist inlcude:  (Mod- Bob Freeman-The Occult Detective) Chad McClendon, Sara Marian, R.N.Drum, Janie Franz, Josef Matulich,

Religion in Your Writing – Religion is one of the most powerful forces in human history and it is seen in all genres of storytelling. Our panelists will discuss how writers work religion into various kinds of writing. Sun 10:15am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Rebekah McAuliffe) Neal Sayatovich, Candy Ann Little, Leah Pugh, Cathy Jackson, Nathan Day.

Military Elements in Fiction – Military elements can be found in all genres of fiction, from warriors of the ancient world, to state of the art modern weaponry, to speculative futuristic warfare. This panel will explore the approaches to military elements in your writing, from concepts to research. Fri 8pm in room Cumberland. Panelist inlcude:  (Mod-William Alan Webb) Neal Sayatovich, Geoffrey Mandraogra, J. Welin, Sheridan Hall, Cyrus Keith, Silvio Wolf Busch.

LGBTQ Characters in Fiction – Panelists will discuss the presence of LGBTQ characters in fiction today. Examples of compelling LGBTQ characters and related themes being increasingly explored in today’s literature will be explored by our panelists. Sat 11:30am in room Appalachian. Panelist include:  (Mod-Janie Franz) Eliot Parker, Amanda Burkhead, Jimmy Misfit, Janie Franz, Michele Lee, Kelci Crawford 

Paranormal Literature – An open discussion about paranormal literature today. What’s popular now? What are some of the trends at the moment? Why do tales with strong paranormal elements resonate so strongly in a science-driven age? This panel will consider these kinds of questions and much more! Sat 11:30am in room Farmington. Panelist inlcude: (Mod-Bob Freeman) Tammy Blackwell, Pam Turner, Kelly Martin, Katheryn Ragle.

Crossing Genres – Cross-genre fiction is rising fast in popularity. Blending the elements of several genres into one tale is an art in itself, requiring a good command of each of the genres involved to do it well. Our panelists will discuss both the art and state of cross genre fiction today! Fri 4:15pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Janie Franz) Neal Sayatovich, Sara Marian, T.Lee Harris, Larry Hoy Jr, Lorena Reith Peter,

Audio Books: A Growing Trend – Audio books are growing in popularity and this panel will discuss the rise of this medium and where it may be headed in the future. Sat 2pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include:  (Mod-Sela Carsen) Julie Cross, Mackenzie Flohr, James O.Barnes, Jim Hodgson, Jessica Eve Cardwell

Putting the Thrill in Thrillers – Our panelists will discuss the core elements of a thriller, and give writing insights into creating the kinds of thrills that will have strong appeal to readers of all genres.  Sat 12:45pm in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod-Tim Waggoner) Matt Leyshon, T.Lee Harris, Mary Ellen Quire, Cyrus Keith, Kurt Robinson, Kolin Mofield

The Craft of Writing Poetry – A panel discussion about the craft of writing poetry! Come join our panelists discuss their love for the art of poetry, including writing tips and insights! Sat 10:15am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Lana Dean Helm) Sheridan C. Hall, Jen Selinsky, John Colyer,

Using YouTube to Promote – Enter the world of YouTube, from building a successful channel to making use of the YouTube platform to effectively market yourself. This panel discussion will give you an overview and insights into the highly-popular video medium. Sun 11:30am in room Cumberland. panelist include: (Mod-Brian Hatcher) Cathy Jackson, Kelly Martin, Sandy Lender, Jim Hodgson, Rose Marie Machario

Developing Suspense – This panel will discuss the craft of developing suspense, no matter what genre of story you are writing. Sun 10:15am in room Burley. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Kristi Bradley) Carolyn Arnold, Eliot Parker, Tim Waggoner, Lorena Reith Peter, Michael D’Ambrosio.

Writing Good Action Scenes – There is an art to writing effective action scenes. Our panel will discuss the elements to keep in mind when writing action scenes. Fri 3pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include:  (Mod-Tommy B. Smith ) Carolyn Arnold, A.E.Decker, Cyrus Keith, Brian K. Morris, Robert Thompson.

Keeping Fantasy Fresh – Fantasy has been popular for a long time, with lots of new releases coming out every week. This panel will discuss how to stay ahead of the game and keep your writing fresh! Fri 4:15pm in Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- Michele Lee) James A.Hunter, eden Hudson, Amanda Burkhead, S.C. Houff, Lydia Sherrer.

Developing a Great Crime Scene – Will discuss ways to create perfect crime scenes by “The Book”. Sat 2pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include:  (Mod- Addie J. King) Carolyn Arnold, Carol Preflatish, T.Lee Harris, Juanita Houston, Kurt Robinson.

Researching For Your Story – Research is a necessary element for all kinds of projects, from historical to futuristic. Good research saves time and money, while adding realism to your story. Our panelists will give advice on researching for a project! Sun 10:15am in Appalachian. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Susan Burdorf) Lana Dean Helm, Matt Leyshon, Tommy B. Smith, Carol Preflatish, Jerry Gordon.

Self-Help Writing Forum – This panel explores the real of self-help books. From writing to publishing self-help books, our panelists will share their thoughts, experiences and insights! Sun 11:30am room Appalachian. Panelist include:  (Mod-April Brown) Brenda Drexler, Missy Goodman,

Freelance Writing – Ways to Getting gigs that payFreelance writing helps pay the bills for many creative writers. This panel will give insights on finding writing jobs that pay. Sat 12:45pm in Farmington. Panelist inlude:  (Mod-Alan Goldstein) Jen Selinsky, R.J.Sullivan, James O.Barnes, JP Chapleau, John Colyer,

Plotters Vs. Pantsers –  A discussion on outlining will be the topic. The plotter loves to outline and the pantser loves to set out and see where a story idea takes them. Some writers are a little of both. This panel will discuss the topic of outlining and the various approaches taken by writers undertaking a new writing project. Sat 4:30pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod-Victoria Escobar) James A. Hunter, Matt Leyshon, Susan Burdorf, G.D Burkhead, Dan Jolley, Atty Eve 

Layout and Design Insights – Good layout and design skills are essential for producing professional quality print books, ebooks, and covers. This panel will provide an overview of layout and design, as it pertains to all three areas. Sat 2pm in room Derby. Panelist inlcude: (Mod-Matthew Jackson) Josh Hampton, JP Chapleau, Donna Dull, Jason Sizemore 

Assembling Awesome Anthologies – Want to develop a great anthology? Our panel will discuss everything from choosing topics to developing the right group of stories for a particular anthology. Fri 3pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Brian Hatcher) Trysh Thompson, Andrea Hintz, Sheridan Hall

Character Development Insights – Characters change and grow over the course of a story. The development of characters is a crucial element in writing a story that resonates powerfully with readers, and this panel will give you perspectives and tips from a number of published authors on the art of that development. Sat 10:15am in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod-Tommy B. Smith ) Neal Sayatovich, Victoria Escobar, eden Hudson, G.D Burkhead, Bobby Rich, Jason Sizemore

Writing Catchy Dialogue – Good dialogue brings characters and the worlds they inhabit to life in a way that connects to readers. This panel will give attendees advice and suggestions for improving the dialogue in their writing. Fri 4:15pm in room Appalachian. Panelist inlcude:  (Mod-Dylan Warman) Chasity Bowlin, Mysti Parker, Dan Jolley, Jeri Fay Maynard,

Composing in Shorter Formats – Our panelists will explore the differences between writing stories in a longer format such as a novel versus shorter ones like novellas and short stories. Fri 4:15pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod-Scott Sandridge  ) R.N.Drum, Kristi Bradley, Dave Creek, Glenn Porzig

Finding the Right Editor – Whether you are a a small press or self-published author, finding the right editor is extremely important! Our panel will give advice and insights on how to find a good editor, especially one that is right for your situation! Fri 5:30pm in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- Janie Franz) Dylan Warman, Crystal Gauthier, Andrea Hintz, Jessica Eve Cardwell, Atty Eve 

Finding the Right Artist – Finding the right artist can be a challenge for writers on a budget. This panel will explore the task of finding an artist that is right for you. Sun 2pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Matt Leyshon) Jesse V Coffey, Robert Turk, James Hunter, Sean Dulaney

Selecting the Right Publishing Path – There are many options for a writer in 2018 when it comes to publishing, from self-publishing, to small and independent presses, to major publishers. This panel will explore the various options, including their strengths and weaknesses. Sat 5:45pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- Tammy Blackwell) Candy Ann Little, Mackenzie Flohr, Wendy Vogel, Cyrus Keith, James O.Barnes, Atty Eve 

Finding the Right Critique Groups – A panel with insights on finding the right critique group for you, and what kinds of things to avoid! Sun 11:30am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Susan Burdorf) Marian Allen, Wendy Vogel, Juanita Houston, Larry Hoy Jr, , Andrea Hintz

Advice for New Writers – A forum discussing some important things for new writers to keep in mind as they begin their path in the publishing climate of today. Sat 3:15pm in room Farmington. Panelist:  (Mod-Victoria Escobar) Chasity Bowlin, Kenzie Michaels, Dan Jolley, Trysh Thompson, Bethany Kesler, Kolin Mofield  

Query Letters and Professional Submissions – Our panelists will offer insights into writing effective query letters and making professional-level submissions for writers seeking a major publisher. There are some very important things to keep in mind and our panel spotlight these things for the attendees of this session! Sat 4:30pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-Addie J. King) Megan McIntosh, Alan Goldstein, Andrea Hintz 

Small Press Life – Publishing has seen many significant changes in the past few years. With the constant changes in the market and approaches to marketing, what is life like for a small press today? Our panelists will discuss the world of small presses in 2018! Fri 3pm in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- Jim Gillentine) Jeanette Strode, James O.Barnes, David L. Day, JM Madden 

Self-Publishing Overview – This panel will give a solid overview of the world of self-publishing. Panelists will offer advice and tips for achieving success in self-publishing. Sun 9am in room Burley. Panelist include:  (Mod- Jesse V Coffey) Sheridan C. Hall, Jeanette Strode, Pam Turner, Kurt Robinson, Robyn Peterman 

Comics and Graphic Novels – What is it like being a comic and graphic novel publisher today? This panel will discuss the challenges of publishing indie comics and graphic novels, from marketing, distribution, and the art , in today’s publishing climate. Sun 11:30am in room Burley. Panelist inlcude: (Mod-Dan Jolley) S.C. Houff, Michele Lee, John Risner, Sean Dulaney, Glenn Porzig, Kelci Crawford

Fan Fiction – This panel will explore the world of fan fiction, and discuss both the positives and negatives associated with this kind of writing. Sat 3:15pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Jesse V Coffey) Julie Cross, S.C. Houff, Rebekah McAuliffe, Peter Welmerink, Michael West, Alison Richards

Superheroes and Villains in Writing – Our panelists will discuss the elements needed for writing compelling superheroes and villains for today. Fri 8pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- Dan Jolley) Eric Moser, John F. Allen, Michele Lee, Tim Waggoner, Victoria Escobar.

Marvel Vs. DC – A Face Off! – A fun “showdown” panel where our panelists (and audience) can debate and compare the worlds of Marvel and DC! Sat 5:45pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Tony Acree) Leah Pugh, Sara Marian, John F. Allen, Brian Hatcher, R.J. Sullivan

Game of Thrones –  TV vs. novels, a discussion comparing and contrasting the enormously popular TV series with George R.R. Martin’s bestselling novels! Sat 12:45pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod- Sheridan Hall) Michael West, Kenzie Michaels, Bethany Kesler, Alison Richards 

Dr. Who – A character overview of the good Doctors. A panel discussion covering all of the Doctors from a writer’s perspective! Sun 12:45am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Mysti Parker) Lana Dean Helm, Michele Lee, Mackenzie Flohr

Marketing Past Oversaturation – There is no question that today’s publishing climate faces an over saturation of product. The challenge that faces all book releases is how to market past that over saturation. This panel will discuss marketing approaches that work in an overly-crowded market. Sat 12:45pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-Lydia Sherrer) John Pyka, Janie Franz, Scott Sandridge, 

Free Social Media Marketing – Social media offers many ways to promote products and services. This panel will focus on techniques and platforms that cost nothing other than time and effort. Sat 11:30am in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- Eddie Caiazzo) Crystal Gauthier, Edward Franke, Jessica Eve Cardwell, Rose Marie Machario

The Importance of Networking – Effective networking can help a creative individual advance their careers and reach their goals much faster, yet the importance of networking is often overlooked by many in the creative arts. This panel will explore why networking is essential, as well as offering advice on effective networking in different environments. Sun 12:45pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod-Brian K. Morris) Kimberly Hoffman, Jeanette Strode, Kenzie Michaels, Scott Sandridge 

Building Your Blog – Building a successful blog involves many elements, from the format, to the visual design, to the promotion of it. Our panelists will give you insights on how to go about building a good blog that attracts an audience! Fri 3pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Victoria Escobar) Elizabeth Donald

Raising Reviews – What are some effective ways for today’s author to raise their review counts, especially in places such as Good Reads and This panel will explore approaches to getting posted reviews and also discuss some of the challenges faced by authors, such as Amazon’s recent trend of taking down many legitimate reviews for small press and self-published authors. Sat 10:15am in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- Michele Lee) Lydia Sherrer, James Hunter, Scott Sandridge, J.M. Madden

Building the Brand of You – For many creatives such as authors, they are their brand. This panel will discuss the art of branding yourself, and building that brand! Sun 10:15am in room Cumberland. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- Brian Hatcher) April Brown, R.J. Sullivan, Janie Franz, JP Chapleau.

Book Signing Etiquette – This panel will explore the best approaches to conducting an effective book signing. No matter what venue your book signing is held in, there are some basic etiquette principles to keep in mind if you want to sell books and make a good impression! Fri 4:15pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- Marian Allen) Kimberly Hoffman, Juanita Houston, Donna Dull, Paul Hoffman, Rachel Lopez

 Spreading Your Introvert Wings – Improving Communication at Events – Many creative individuals tend to be more introverted, yet their career path can involve many kinds of live events, conferences, and conventions. This panel will offer advice to introverts on ways to improve their presence and communication at events of all sizes. Sat 11:30am in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Marian Allen) Wendy Vogel, R.N.Drum, Cyrus Keith, Rebekah McAuliffe, Larry Hoy Jr. , Steve-O Shephard,

Crowdfunding For Creatives – Crowdfunding has become a highly-popular method for funding all kinds of projects. This panel will give an overview of crowdfunding, discussing popular platforms, the effectiveness of crowdfunding, and what to expect if you use it to raise money. Sat 4:30pm in room Farmington:  (Mod- Lydia Sherrer) Eddie Caiazzo, Eric Moser, Elizabeth Donald, Robert Turk, Sean Dulaney

Six-Figure Author – A good living is possible for indie writers. It involves the right strategy, work habits, business sense, and execution. Our panelist with give you tips and insights to help you reach your goal. Sat 2pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Jerry Gordon) James Hunter, J.M. Madden, Robyn Peterman, Teresa Reasor

Bump in the Night – Panelist will discuss actual paranormal encounters and events plus how to write about them. Sun 2pm in room Burley. Panelist include:  (Mod- Jerry Gordon) S.C.Houff, Daniel Dark, Michael West, Janie Franz, Cyrus Keith.

Discussion of Noir in Fiction – Noir is not just set in a 1940’s and 1950’s setting. Learn what Noir means and how it can be used in all types of literature… Neo-Noir to Crime Noir to others. Sun 2pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod-Jim Gillentine) Tony Acree, Sara Marian, Neal Sayatovich,

Interactive Fiction – Do you remember your own adventure books from the 1980’s? Well interactive fiction has come a long way in the last 40 years. Learn about interactive fiction publishers and coding languages, and how to write a story in which the reader’s decisions help guide the narrative. Sun 12:45pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Eric Shawn Moser) – Ben Serviss, Samuel Young, Beth Townsend

Tips to Become a Freelance Magazine Writer – Writing for magazines is not as complicated as getting a book published, but it does offer its own set of rules beyond the “simple” contract. This session will offer 16 tips for success based on four decades of freelance writing in over a dozen periodicals. It will also dissect the Writer’s Digest guide to interpret the jargon and abbreviations. Sun 2pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (Mod- Alan Goldstein) Paul Hoffman, Carma Haley Shoemaker, Brandon Aten, Bobby Rich, Jason Sizemore 

Principles of Formatting – Understanding the foundation of professional quality layouts for print and digital environments. The dos and don’ts of formatting text, line spacing, margins, gutters, headers, footers, character, paragraph styles, and more. Sun 2pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod- Susan Burdorf) Donna Dull, Matthew Jackson 

Blog Tour Strategies – Learn the fundamentals of organizing and participating in blog tours. Sun 3:15pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod- Janie Franz) Dan Jolley, Kenzie Michaels, Michael West, Scott Sandridge 

Podcasting: Where to Start – This discussion will cover how to get started in podcasting, the dos and don’ts of podcasting, tips,tricks, and much more. Sun 3:15pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (MOD -Jessica Eve Cardwell) Brian Hatcher, S.C.Houff, Glenn Porzig 

Author Readings – Various authors will demonstrate enticing ways to grab and keep your audience’s attention during a read. Sun 3:15pm in room Appalachian. Panelist include: (30min Discussion followed by Author Readings) – ( MOD- Josef Matulich) Tim Waggoner, Jim Hodgson, Sandy Lender (may be a few mins late due to a previous panel), Daniel Dark, Cathy Jackson, John Pyka.

Author Readings (10mins each) – Marian Allen, Sela Carsen, April Brown, Chad McClendon, Candy Ann Little, Leah Pugh, Bob Freeman 

Film-Focused Topics

The Art of Indie Acting – Discovery how to get into acting, proper procedure for auditions, and what directors are actually looking for in a actor.  Sat 9am in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod-Sheridan Hall) Lana Reed, Robert Thompson, Silvio Wolf Busch, Erik Kyr, James Tackett 

Audio – Visual Editing for Film and Music –  Discussion into the outline of steps needed to build a video from TV to movies. Setting files globally in Premier Pro for group projects. Cover everything from Foley effects, music, and formatting a promo. Sun 3:15pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod-J. Welin) David Sheridan, Thomas Moore, Erik Kyr, Jonny Walls, Silvio Wolf Busch.

Screenwriting 101 – An overview panel discussing the elements of a screenplay, formatting, software options and much more! A great foundation panel for writers wanting to get into the world of screenplays. Fri 3pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include:  (Mod-Dan Jolley) Josh Hampton, Brian Dobbins, Pam Turner, Amy McCorkle, Thomas Moore, Michael D’Ambrosio,

Effective Dialogue in Screenwriting – Great dialogue captivates and entertains audiences and also brings characters to life and guides the pace of the film. Improve your dialogue writing skills using insights and tips from our panel of professional screenwriters. Sat 2pm in room Burley. Panelist inlcude: (Mod- John Risner) Melissa Goodman, Brian Dobbins, Jonny Walls, Michael D’Ambrosio,

Project Marketing – This panel will explore methods of marketing an independent movie or TV project without having a large amount of money to spend. There are many low-cost and free ways to effectively market a project, and our panelists will be spotlighting many of these options. Sat 3:15pm in room Burley. Panelist include: (Mod-Thomas Moore) Lana Read, Jonny Walls, Demetrius Witherspoon, David Foy Bauer 

Importance of Make-Up and Costuming –  This panel will discuss approaches to make-up and costuming, whether you are doing a project set in the modern day or a period piece! From rentals to design from scratch, good costuming is essential to a quality project! Good makeup effects go a long way in raising the production value of an independent movie or TV Project. This panel will discuss makeup effects in indie film, from what to expect cost and time-wise, to finding a good FX artist for your project. Sun 12:45pm in room Derby. Panelist include:  (Mod- Josef Matulich) Julie Cross, Lana Read, Thomas Moore, David Foy Bauer, CrystalRavyn Jones, Rose Marie Machario

Independent Filmmaking – Independent filmmakers often fill many roles on a project that they would not be undertaking in a larger budget situation. This panel will talk about the multiple hats commonly worn by the indie filmmaker, who often simply does what needs to be done to get a project completed! Fri 5:30pm in room Farmington. Panelist include: (Mod-Austin Sheehan) Christopher Saint Booth, Eddie Caiazzo, Lana Read, Brian Dobbins, Grace Carlton.

Distribution of Independent Film – With new changes and developments taking place all the time. The distribution of independent media can be a very confusing one for today’s filmmaker or music producers. Our experienced panelist with help you to understand the indie distribution world of today. With all if it pros and cons. The time has never been filled with more opportunities, but the finding the right one for your project is the goal. Sat 12:45pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include: (Mod- Thomas Moore) Christopher Saint Booth, Lana Read, Amy McCorkle, Demetrius Witherspoon, Jess DiSantis, Zachary Erwin  

Lights, Camera, Action! – Learn about the exciting world of directing, acting, and writing for film from these talented professionals who will share their own experiences with you. Sat 5:45pm in room Goldenrod. Panelist include: (Mod- Silvio Wolf Busch) Robert Thompson, Austin Sheehan, David Foy Bauer, James Tackett, Jess DiSantis  

Gaming-Focused Topics

Social Aspects of Gaming – Gaming often involves social interaction and this panel will discuss these elements, from the kinds of relationships formed to the styles of interaction. Fri 3pm in room Derby. Panelist include: (Mod- JD Conrad) Ben Serviss, Bradley Walker, Michele Lee, Scott Sandridge 

Discussing D&D – A fun panel exploring the world of D&D, including its history, changes, and the state of it today! Sat 3:15pm in room Cumberland. Panelist include:  (Mod- Brian Hatcher) Joe Slucher, Michael Williams, Bradley Walker, JP Chapleau, Michele Lee, Scott Sandridge. 

Gateway to Game Design – A panel exploring an overview of the Game Design process. A great introduction for those wanting to get into Game Design! Game Design is an exciting and creative activity, but it is also one that involves a lot of important elements to keep in mind. Our panelists will offer insights and tips to help you approach your Game Design in a more efficient and effective way! Fri 5:30pm in room Appalachian. Panelist inlcude:  (Mod- Robert Turk) Bradley Walker, Eric Moser, Victoria Escobar, Scott Sandridge


2018 Workshop Descriptions

Indie Writer’s Workshop – Presented by Robyn Peterman & JM Madden – These two successful chicks are not only best friends, they’re bestsellers. Both indie and hybrid, covering paranormal to military and a few things in between, they help each other write it right while keeping sales on target. From taxes and guns to ads and vampires, learn how they create, market, laugh and sell. We will answer all your burning questions and will have giveaways too! (Length 60 mins) (Sun 12:45pm in Iroquois)

Comedic Paranormal Romance -Presented by Robyn Peterman – Join NYT and USA Today bestselling author Robyn Peterman for an hour “to shoot the shit about comedic paranormal romance”, quotes Robyn. I will spew forth on my publishing journey and why I adore all things that go bump in the night. All questions are fair game and if I don’t know the answer, I plan to make it up. Giveaways will be awarded to the most bizarre queries… (Length 60 mins) (Sat 12:45pm in Iroquois) 

Writing a Series with a Group – Presented by Robyn Peterman & JM Madden –  Robyn quotes, “What the hell does this mean??”. Well, you can liken it to a branded group for Indies. Any genre can do this. In this hour we will discuss the pros and cons of writing within the construct of a series with multiple people involved. It’s mainly done for cross promotion and the results can be outstanding. We will touch on both the creative and the marketing aspects of this venture. (Length 60 mins) (Fri 5:30pm in Iroquois) 

Working with the Dead – Presented by Deborah LeBlanc – Get Answers to Questions You May Wish You’d Never Asked… What really happens when a body is removed from a death scene? What truly goes on behind and embalming room doors? What happens to a body after it has been in casket for a year or more?  What about after death? Are ghosts real or are those paranormal ‘reality’ shows a bunch of bunk? (Length 2 hrs) (Sat 10:15am in Iroquois)

Marketing 101 – Presented by Abigail Keam & Teresa Reasor – Marketing strategies for Today’s Market. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 9am in Goldenrod)

Writing for the Screen and Beyond – Presented by Dan Jolley – Covering different dialogue format from novel to screen to comics to games and beyond. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 11:30am in Heartland)

Mastering the Craft – Presented by DW Vogel and Jeri Fay Maynard – You’re close to finishing your first draft but worry that your middle sags and the pacing isn’t right, let us show you some strategies. You heard about beta readers but aren’t sure what they are or how to get them? This workshop focuses on helping you level up your writing. If you’re just starting out, you can learn to avoid some of the common mistakes new writers make. Info packed and fast moving. You’ll want to take notes! (Length 60mins) (Sat 12:45pm in Heartland) 

Social Media Marketing – Presented by John Pyka – John Pyka has built a loyal following for his brand on social media and takes attendees through the hows and whys of marketing yourself and your books/products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more! Learn everything you need to know to grow a social media presence to connect with fans, network with peers and sell books! (Length 60 mins) (Sun 11:30am in Heartland)

Facebook Professional Page Teach-In – Presented by John Pyka – What is a Facebook Page and why does a creator need one? John Pyka has spent the last decade mastering Facebook and will take you through the technical ins and outs of setting up a page and how to promote that page to grow and why it is so important in today’s social world to understand the technical aspects of Facebook. This workshop is a great companion to the Social Media Marketing Panel. (Lenght 60 mins) (Sun 12:45pm in Heartland)

Ultimate Guide to Writing Horror – Presented by Tim Waggoner – This session presents techniques for creating original, effective horror fiction. Topics covered include: · The difference between crime, suspense, thriller, and horror. · The difference between dread, terror, horror, disgust, and shock. · The horror equivalent of the hero’s journey. · Avoiding clichés. · Making your horror personal. · Taking new approaches to old archetypes. · Avoiding clichéd story patterns. · What, if any, are the limits in horror fiction? · How much – or how little – should you reveal? · Using the techniques of suspense to build horror. (Length 2 hrs) (Sat 3:15pm in Heartland) 

“Business in Writing” : What to Do After “The End.” – Presented by Elizabeth Donald – So you finished the book – now comes the hard part! Learn about publishing contracts and how to negotiate them, what’s standard and what’s a trap; launching and managing an online presence with social media; how to handle the money and taxes; the challenges specific to self-publishing as well as for traditional publishing; developing a marketing strategy; dealing with bookstores and signings, the tour circuit – and don’t forget to have a life! (Length 2 hrs) (Sun 2pm in Iroquois)

The Real Deal on Paranormal –  Presented by Deborah LeBlanc – Get the 4-1-1 on paranormal investigations – what’s fake and what’s not! Learn the difference between ghosts and demons, a residual haunting versus an intelligent haunting. Then, if you’re brave enough to sit through it, discover the path demons use as they drag innocent victims from obsession to infestation, to the demon’s ultimate goal – possession. (Length 2 hrs) (Sat 4:30pm in Iroquois)

Using Live Events to Market Your Book – Presented by John Pyka – John Pyka started out as a live entertainer who created a larger than life character that became the central character in the pulp adventure series published by Pro Se Press. John has adapted the stories in the book for a live audience and uses the live events to sell his books, and you can too! John will take you through the process of using your stories at live events to get more books into the hands of future fans. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 10:15am in Heartland) 

Self-Publishing Checklist Workshop – Presented by April Brown – Do you plan once your novel is written and ready for publishing? Whether traditional, small press, or self published, the marketing process can seem daunting. Checklists help. Begin by sorting through which options you’ll use. Learn their specifics, and check off each part as you complete it, creating calendar reminders for the pieces you’ll need to do later.Learn a little about everything from blogging, social media, newsletters, GRDP, signatures, and more. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 2pm in Heartland) 

Dialogue Dynamo – Presented by Deborah LeBlanc – “You talkin’ to me?” (Taxi Driver 1976). It’s no accident that some of the most memorable moments in movies come from dialogue. Remember these lines? “Go ahead, make my day!”, “Beam me up, Scotty.”, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Just as in the movies, dialogue in your book must do much of the storytelling while adding pace and drama to your work. In this workshop, you’ll learn the key dialogue tricks that help make your story memorable. (Length 2 hrs)Fri 3pm in Iroquois) 

Hiring an Artist – Presented by Joe Slucher – Join Joe as he goes over the best approaches for finding an artist, communication, contract issues, budget expectations and safe processes for developing your cover. These steps should ensure a positive experience for both artist and author. Joe Slucher is a fantasy illustrator and occasional art director who has created artwork for Magic the Gathering, books, and games. (Length 60mins) (Sun 4pm in Iroquois) 

Love and Blood – Presented by Jim Gillentine & Sela Carsen –  Two experienced paranormal authors get together to talk about what PNR encompasses, all its many variations, the current state of the industry, and answer your questions. (Length 60mins) (Sun12:45pm in Goldenrod)

Selling Your Books at Conventions and Tradeshows – Presented by John Pyka – We’ve all experienced it. We have a new book, we order tons of product to sell at the big con and … sell only a few books or worse. John is ready to come to the rescue. John’s day job is working as a corporate sales trainer. John is a trade show sales expert has managed and trained award-winning trade show sales staffs. John will teach you easy to implement techniques to engage passerbys, present your book or product in a clear, concise, and compelling way to make sure you sell out at the next convention. (Length 60 mins) (Fri 3pm in Heartland) 

“How Not to Make a Short Film 101” – Presented by Jay Welin & Sheridan Hall – Jay will take you through the whole filmmaking process from start to finish. Great for the entry level filmmaker! (Length 60 mins) (Sat 5:45pm in Heartland) 

Adventure Writing from Idea to Table –  Presented by JP Chapleau- In 2 hours, veteran GM JP Chapleau has to run an adventure to a group of anxious and excited players. He has done nothing to prepared but play Pet Rescue and talk about his latest other product. With your help those poor players will have a great adventure to play. This workshop will take you through ideation through execution, with an eye towards publishing the finalized product. You will be involved in the design of the story and encounters. The moderator, JP Chapleau, wrote over one hundred adventure for many companies like Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Chaosium, and First Ones Entertainment. He has been a GM for close to thirty years. (Length 2 hrs) (Fri 4:15pm in Heartland) 

E-Book and Money Matters – Presented by Deborah LeBlanc – Learn how much you can expect to make from e-book publishing and how to maximize your profits! (Length 2 hrs) (Sun 10:15am in Iroquois) 

Filmmaking 101 – Presented by Thomas Moore- Learn where to start if your looking into filmmaking and what you will need to do. (Length 60mins) (Sun 10:15am in Heartland) 

World Building for Fun & Profit –  Presented by JD Conrad – A workshop outlining a method to help creators produce a coherent world for fiction or game settings. Principally concentrating on fantasy, but with some information on SF/Horror/Urban Fantasy as well. Handouts and Question and answer period are included. (Length 60 mins) (Sun 9am in Iroquois) 

Dialogue in Writing – Presented by Chasity Bowlin – Writing dialogue and how dialogue can build characterization and move your plot. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 9am in Iroquois) 

Place in Fiction – Presented by Michael Williams – It’s not just the setting of a story, film, or novel. Place acts dynamically in a narrative, shaping the plot and character, creating meaning and atmosphere: it can be kind of shorthand for the mood of a story and for the world in inhabits. In a combination of informal talk and interactive exercises, we’ll explore ways in which to transform the places you write about from backdrop into a dynamic part of the fiction you’re writing. (Length 60mins) (Sat 9am in Heartland) 

“Confessions of a Small Press Publisher” – Presented by Tony Acree – Tony is the owner of Hydra Publications and the award winning best selling author of the popular Victor McCain series. In this workshop Tony will discuss the pros and cons of signing with a small press and how to get published. (Length 60 mins) (Sun 11:30am in Goldenrod) 

Don’t Kill the Dog and Other Plot Devices – Presented by Wendy Vogel & Jerri Maynard –  Ever wonder what your plot needs to move the story forward past the middle doldrums? We will explore the concept of plot and the various typical plot devices so that you can fix your timing and tension. What are plot devices and how do they impact your story telling? How to become a plotter/pantser instead of having to select just one to make your writing fluid. (Length 60 mins) (Fri 8pm in Heartland) 

Crowd Sourcing a Village – Presented by JD Conrad –  A workshop where input from the attendees is sought as we all cooperate to create a village setting. Work through the choices needed to create a realistic feeling local in which to set a story or adventure. (Length 60 mins) (Sat 2pm in Iroquois) 

Basics of Tabletop Game Design – Presented by Eric Bloat & Brandon Aten – Come learn the fundamental principles and concepts of Tabletop Game Design for RPG’s, card and board games from the designers in the industry. You will learn how to take an idea for a game from concept, to prototype, to play-test and on to be a published game. All level of experience welcome! (Length 60 mins) (Sat 2pm in Goldenrod) 

Structure of a Good Story – Presented by John Risner – The Good, The Bad and The Confusing. Why is your script not working? How can you finish a novel when you are lost in the second act? Most screenplays and novels either are never finished or fail because of poor story structure. It doesn’t matter if you write by the seat of your pants or use detailed outlines, if your story structure is weak; the result will be weak. Learn simple techniques to create solid 4 Act structure to build great stories. (Length 60 mins) (Sun 9am in Heartland) 

Revenge of the not so Typical Stereotypes – Presented by John Risner – In life there really are people who fit the perceptions of Stereotypes. The uptight Businessman, The Dumb Jock, or the Church Lady are examples. Using stereotypes in your stories is not a bad thing; the problem is not creating three dimensional characters. Discover how to take the basic stereotypes and adding depth and emotional layers to create compelling characters readers and audiences will love.  (Length 60 mins) (Fri 8pm in Iroquois) 

Hiring an Artist – Presented by Joe Slucher – Join Joe as he goes over the best approaches for finding an artist, communication, contract issues, budget expectations and safe processes for developing your cover. These steps should ensure a positive experience for both artist and author. Joe Slucher is a fantasy illustrator and occasional art director who has created artwork for Magic the Gathering, books, and games. (Length 30 mins + with follow up 30 min Q&A) (Sun 4pm in Iroquois) 

Using Mythology In Your Fiction – Presented by Sela Carsen – Where fairy tales happen in a magical alternate world, myths are tales of the world we exist in now. They tell us where we came from, why we are like we are, how things came to be, and how they will end. Mythical heroes were not born from imagination but from the struggles of reality. Or at least they were a version of reality that helped to explain our lives, and taught us to reach for the stars to find our place with the gods. So when we add mythology to fiction, don’t think of these gods and heroes as existing on some imaginary plane, but in the passion and madness of the worlds we build – past, present, or future, real or fantastic. We’ll cover some broad strokes of different mythologies from all over the world, as well as discuss some of the common threads of global stories. We’ll even touch on how to develop your own mythology for world building. (Length 60 mins) (Sun 10:15am in Goldenrod) 

Character, Clowning and the Hero’s Journey in the Age of Clown-Phobia with the Kalashnikov Clowns. – Presented by The Kalashnikov Clowns –  Learn to create engaging characters, write physical comedy, teamwork, while invoking the hero’s journey to tell a story. You will also learn the basics of clowning. This is a physical workshop. You will be moving, engaging, laughing and working with others. This workshop will include physical touch (within comfort) and sharing through conversation. There are no pre-requisites. ( Length 60mins) (Sat 3:15pm in Goldenrod) 

Steampunk Funk-Theatrical Fusion Bellydance Workshop –  Presented by Safiya – Every Cos-play Character needs a little bit of personality, attitude and character development to go with the suit! So, in this workshop we will explore those vital ingredients of cosplay through dance and movement! Come and learn a combination of acting through attitude, posture and gestures, and a mix of theatrical dance, folk dance and dare we say…. some sexy, sinuous belly dance moves?? Tighten your garters, buckle your belts, pull up those tights, and get ready for some fancy footwork! Whether you are just looking to be footloose at a local dance hall, or you want to pursue your dreams of taking the stage, this will be a great workshop for the aspiring dancer or cos-player! We will be exploring one of Safiya’s personal favorites..’ a Steampunk Funky Fusion style. Under her pseudonym, Lady Safiya Seraphine LoveLace, she is constantly exploring and developing this fusion style of dance. Her professional dance troupe classes, along with frequent stage and event performances, fuel the necessity for new choreographs and innovative dance moves. This ever-growing demand is the impetus for the development of her experimental bellydance fusion techniques, drawing from a lengthy and eclectic history of dance genres and theatrical training. So, join Safiya for a dance workshop that’s sure to be as informative as it will be entertaining, and let her share some of her signature moves with you! (Length 90mins) (Sun 2pm in Goldenrod) 

Sticks of Dynamite: Explosive Stories in Small Packages- Presented by Sheridan Hall – Breaking down how to write impact stories in shorter formats. ( Length 60mins) ( Sun 3:15pm in Cumberland) 

Mastering Your Craft –  Presented by Jeri Maynard & Wendy Vogel –  (Sat 12:45pm in Heartland) (60mins)

Storytelling in Ink: Presented by the Illest-Strator Kevlen Goodner – Kevlen will demonstrate his creative process for character development and comic book page composition. (roughly 45mins followed by a Q&A session) (Sun 1pm in the Grande Bell Hall on Main Stage)

Pitch Session for Authors – Participating Publishers inlcude: Shadow Alley Press, Penulis Publishing House, MuseItUp Publishing – Authors have 2 min blocks to pitch their new novels to publisher’s that are open for submissions. ( Sat 9am in Cumberland) (60mins)