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Imaginarium 2017 is looking to be an incredible event, in a new home where we will be able to grow larger and offer even more than ever before!  We want to be sure to give those wanting to get registered for passes or exhibit in our expo a chance to save through November 30!

Full weekend registrations are just $50 during this early-discount offering, and expo space is just $70 for 8ft. table spaces (and sharing is allowed).

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Preliminary Film Festival Screening List and Screenplay Finalists for Imaginarium 2016 Announced!

We are very proud to announce our preliminary list of films to be screened at Imaginarium 2016, as well as our screenplay finalists!

See the full list and more information here on our film festival page and be sure to check back soon for more updates!




Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Michael Williams as Author Guest

Imaginarium 2016 proudly welcomes Michael Williams as an author guest for the event this coming October 7-9 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  A phenomenal writer with a career spanning four decades that began with being one of the first authors in the renowned DRAGONLANCE series, Michael has been published in several genres, with current projects underway in both fiction and non-fiction.  A gifted educator, Michael is a wonderful panelist and writing workshop presenter that we are thrilled to have with us at Imaginarium 2016!

Michael Williams

About Michael Williams:  Michael Williams began publishing novels in the DRAGONLANCE series back in the 1980s. In a career that spans, to his surprise, four decades, he has published thirteen novels, the most recent of which are Trajan’s Arch (2010) and Vine: An Urban Legend (2012). A new manuscript, Dominic’s Ghosts is currently under publisher’s review. In addition to his fiction, Williams is working on a book of travel writings (some of which are excerpted in his blog Mythical Realism, which you can find at ) and is beginning a book on Buddhism, mindfulness, and the creative process in conjunction with the Rev. Thich Hang Dat.

He lives in Corydon with his wife, Rhonda, and one too many cats.

Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Back Loconeal Publishing as an Official Sponsor!

Imaginarium 2016 is proud to welcome back Loconeal Publishing as an official sponsor. A wonderful multi-genre small press publisher located out of Amherst, Ohio, Loconeal Publishing’s catalog spans the realms of both fiction and non-fiction. With a regular presence at conventions, fairs and events throughout the region, Loconeal Publishing’s consistent support and dedication to educational activities for writers make them a perfect fit as a legacy sponsor for the Imaginarium Convention!

About Loconeal Publishing: Loconeal Publishing is a small-press publisher located in Amherst, Ohio.

It is the mission of Loconeal Publishing to bring new, emerging, and experienced authors to readers locally and internationally. Loconeal Publishing is a multi-genre publisher of novellas, novels, anthologies, non-fiction, business and education materials.

For additional information regarding Loconeal Publishing, please check out our website at or send an email to info (at)

Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Back Hydra Publications as an Official Sponsor!

Imaginarium 2016 is proud to welcome back Hydra Publications as an official sponsor!  A fantastic small press publisher based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Hydra Publications has had a growing presence at book events throughout the region.  A proactive supporter of the indie press and author community, Hydra Publications reflects the ideals that Imaginarium represents and we could not be more proud to have them returning as a legacy sponsor!


About Hydra Publications: Hydra Publications is a small press from the Louisville, Kentucky area, although our authors come from across the nation. At this time, our focus is on publishing speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) but we do also consider quality work in other genres.

Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Alliteration Ink as an Official Sponsor

Imaginarium 2016 is proud to welcome Alliteration Ink as the latest member of our sponsor family. An exceptional award-winning small press publisher of anthologies, collections and novels, Alliteration Ink’s dedication to the craft of writing and quality releases make them a perfect fit for the mission of the Imaginarium Convention in helping writers advance on their path.



About Alliteration Ink: Alliteration Ink is a small publisher from Dayton, Ohio. They have published over 16 original and award-winning anthologies, collections, and novels. Notable examples include the twice-nominated Eighth Day Genesis as a worldbuilding guide for writers and gamemasters, the award-winning Steampunk World, and genre-twisting anthologies such as Not Our Kind, What Fates Impose, and Streets of Shadows.

With a commitment to treating authors fairly, Alliteration Ink has spearheaded ethical standards for crowdfunding in publishing, as well as making their base contracts public and exposing scams.

Just as importantly, Alliteration Ink is dedicated to publishing “stories that take chances”. Owner Steven Saus explains: “When I started, anthologies were considered really risky. Since we’ve demonstrated that anthologies can be profitable, we’re focusing on telling and publishing stories that take risks, that don’t fit neatly into categories. From The Crimson Pact shared-world without a shared-world anthologies, through Dangers Untold which has no ‘traditional’ monsters, and the genre bending offerings in Sidekicks! and Not Our Kind, I’ve really enjoyed being able to bring these unique stories into the world.”

Alliteration Ink has more plans for the upcoming year before Imaginarium 2016, including launching a periodical and several new anthologies. There are currently calls for submissions for the first two – Steampunk Universe and No Sh!t, There I Was. You can find more from Alliteration Ink at and subscribe to their newsletter at

Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Charon Coin Press as an Official Sponsor

Imaginarium 2016 is proud to welcome Charon Coin Press as the latest member of our sponsor family. With increasing awareness of its State of Horror anthology series, Charon Coin Press is a fantastic publisher of speculative fiction that we are proud to have with us as an official sponsor for the third year of the nation’s premier creative writing convention.


About Charon Coin Press: Charon, the mythical ferryman of the river Styx, pay him your coin and he would take you across the river to the underworld. Seems only fitting to name a press that will take readers on journeys through new worlds, horrifying minds, trips through the dark side, after such a creature. Charon Coin Press is a publisher of speculative fiction– a term encompassing a variety of genres from fantasy to horror, science fiction to supernatural stories, superheroes to apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction, even historical fiction. What matters to us is a good story.

We here at Charon Coin Press are first and foremost lovers of books. We are avid readers and love nothing more than to be wrapped up in fantastical tales taking us away from our own mundane worlds. Our first foray into the world of speculative fiction was through horror. At a young age, masters like Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Anne Rice pulled us into their world and kept us craving for more. As we continued our quest for stories we found some amazingly talented independent authors. These writers would weave their stories into an imaginative tapestry which called to us, drawing our attention, keeping us engaged.

As we became involved in the State of Horror Anthology, we realized how much talent and creativity there is out there waiting to be discovered, waiting to get into the hands of anxious readers like us. Our vision became clear, becoming a mission-to produce quality works of speculative fiction with the readers in mind by creating a connection, a relationship if you will, with these fantastic authors.

Our goal is to help support authors reach the readers with their wonderful stories. Currently we offer full editing services, and graphic designs to help with the release process. As we grow, we plan to have a full line of resources available to the writing community through our network in order to connect with readers. Our goal is to forge a link between readers looking for a great story and the authors creating the stories.

So whether it is a short story collection, novella, or full-length novel, we here at Charon Coin Press, are dedicated to making connections and ferrying you through this enjoyable journey of speculative fiction.

For further information about Charon Coin Press, please visit their site at

Imaginarium 2016 Proudly Welcomes Per Bastet Publications as an Official Sponsor!

Imaginarium 2016 is proud to welcome Per Bastet Publications as an official sponsor!  A wonderful small press from southern Indiana, Per Bastet returns as a member of the Imaginarium sponsor family for the third straight year, helping us take the next steps forward in the evolution of the nation’s premiere creative writing convention.


About Per Bastet Publications: Per Bastet Publications is a small press publishing house based in southern Indiana. Our staff collectively have over 50 years experience in professional writing, editing, production and marketing. We publish books which don’t necessarily follow popular trends, and might not get the attention they deserve at a larger house. Per Bastet believes in a fair balance of responsibility and profitability between authors and house. We publish primarily speculative fiction, mystery and romance. Per Bastet Publications is interested in well-edited manuscripts by authors who are willing to cooperate, at their comfort level, with promotion and sales of their own work. No erotica or graphic violence, please.

For further information on Per Bastet Publications, please visit:

Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival Awards Announced

Just announced at the Imaginarium 2015 Awards Banquet, for the Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival:

Best Feature Overall: Paternity Leave
Best Feature Overall Runner-up: Rangers

Best Genre Feature: Rangers
Best Genre Feature Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Non-Genre Feature: Paternity Leave
Best Non-Genre Feature Runner-up: Redemption of Benjamin Black

Best Short Film Overall: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Short Film Overall Runner-up: Leah Not Leia

Best Short Film Genre: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Short Film Genre Runner-up: Tailypo

Best Short Film Non-Genre: Leah Not Leia
Best Short Film Non-Genre Runner-up: Forward Until Found

Best Documentary: #allweknowislame
Best Documentary Runner-up: Letters to Daniel: A One Woman Show

Best Direction: Magnetic
Best Direction Runner-up: Paternity Leave

Best Screenplay: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Screenplay Runner-up: Redemption of Benjamin Black

Best Plot Development: Rangers
Best Plot Development Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Character Development: Razor Days
Best Character Development Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Music Video: Glass Ceiling
Best Music Video Runner-up: Lord You’re Beautiful

Full Imaginarium 2015 Schedule


Full Imaginarium Schedule Available For Browsing

From panels and workshops, to live music, Q&A’s, and live readings…from gaming and a film festival to an expo and costume contest/masquerade…Imaginarium offers attendees a lot do explore and participate in.

See the full schedule with times and room listings on the website under Programming or you can also use the EventBase app for smartphones!

Get ready to enter the Imaginarium this coming weekend in Louisville, Ky!