Gaming All Weekend at Imaginarium 2019!

Noah Wieczorek & Ellen Gamber are the Gaming Directors for our 6th Anniversary event, Josh Palmer along with Eric Bloat from Bloat Games is our gaming room host!

Gaming in our 2019 event will feature D&D sessions, new game demos from attending Game Designers, crowd play, board games, RPG gaming (Role Play Games), and much more in addition to gaming-related panels and workshops in our programming!

We will be adding a LOT of gaming information on this page very shortly, so bookmark it and check back soon!

Game Demos

If you are already a guest at Imaginarium 2019 and would like to either demo your own game or run a game session at Imaginarium 2019, well here is how. Just fill out the form below and our gaming staff will get with you to schedule times and discuss your game(s).