Both panels and workshops will be updated and added throughout the year so please check back in a few weeks to review the changes. Panels are full hour + sessions featuring 4-6 multifaceted professionals discussing the designated topic and will include questions and comments from the audience. Workshops are full hour + sessions presented by professionals within the creative industries. For individual descriptions please visit the 2019 Panel and Workshop Description Page.

    2019 Panel Topics

Creative Writing Focused Panels

“I Strenuously Object !!!”

Walking in Another’s Shoes

Character Flaws vs Mary Sue

Supernatural Discussion

Marketing Mistakes

Pushing Through

Dialogue is My Achilles Heel!

Character Creation

Creative’s Balance

Audio Book Tips

Horrific Tendencies

World Building

Books and Booze III

Stop Talking and Start Writing

Edit You Say?

How to Write a Fresh Romance

Stop Blaming the Butler

Fairy Good Stories

Pitch Tips

Sex in Religion

The Cross-Genre Author

The Writing Schedule Juggle

Blending Religions in Your Story

A Squirrel Stole My Pen

Fantastic Fantasy

Research Done Right

Effective Query Letters

Freelance Options

Paranormal Realms

Creative Depression

Lores & Myths

Thrilling Mysteries

Non-Fiction Writing

Murder and Mayhem

Laugh it Up

Small Press vs The Big Five


Your My Superhero

Writing for Children

Lust or Bust

The Oxford Comma

Writing for the LGBTQ Audience

Becoming a Copywriter

Blockchain in Publishing

Effective Journalism

How to Blog

How to Get Along with Editors

How to Self-Publish

Let’s Talk Funding

Should I Ghost?

The Big Rewrite

The Illustrator Search

Marvel Vs DC

Film Focused Panels

Film Distribution

Finding Your Target Audience

Tips For Hacking Hollywood

Filmmaking on a Indie Budget

Sit Down with a Screenwriter

Writing a Script from A to Z

So You Want to Be an Actor

Green Winter Webseries Discussion

Gaming Focused Panels

Game Business and Marketing

Turning Your Book or Film into a Game

Demo Game Production

Game Design Strategies

2019 Workshops

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Writers Make in the Book Writing Business – Presented by Arlene Gale

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Know the Difference and How to Use Each Effectively – Presented by Arlene Gale

How to Use a Website-Based Book to Build a Loyal and Engaged Fan Base Even Before Your Book is Published! – Presented by Arlene Gale

Part 1: Path to Success: Self-Awareness & Kindness MethodPresented by Colleen Green

Part 2: Outlining a story before writing a rough draft – Presented by Colleen Green

Build a World Your Reader Can Sense – Presented by Sandy Lender

Legal Issues for Creatives – Presented by Eric Moser

Finding Your Story – Presented by Brett Brooks

Level Up Your Audio – Presented by Neal Merrick

“Scrivener” Not Your Parent’s Word Processor – Presented by Larry Hoy

How to Create a Program for your Book – Presented by
Kimberly Bush Hoffman

Building Out Your Book: Making Your Marketing Uniquely Yours – Presented by Ana Maria Selvaggio

Producing a Web-Series: The Descent into Madness – Presented by Jay Welin

How Social Media Can Change Your Business – Presented by Matthew Longville

How to Be the Leader You and Everyone Needs! – Presented by Matthew Longville

Place in Fiction – Presented by Michael Williams

Demetrius Witherspoon

Reverse Engineering A Indie Film – Presented by Cameron McCasland

DOING DOCUMENTARY – Presented by Stephen Lackey

Creating Compelling Characters – Presented by Cassandra Morgan

Elements of Story – Presented by Cassandra Morgan

Plotting, Pantsing, Plotsing–Finding Your Writing Process – Carrie Callahan

Finding Hope & Healing In The Creative Arts – Presented by Amy Leigh McCorkle

Self-Publishing Overview – Presented by April Brown

Crafting Cross-Genre Fiction – Presented by Sara Marian

Fantastic Philology – Presented by Levi Dunn

Strange Structures – Presented by Levi Dunn

Writing and Tea with Jen – Presented by J L Mulvihill (JEN)

Erasure Poetry Workshop – Presented by Lana Helm

Cosplay has Character! – Lana Helm