Winners of 2016 Film Festival and Imadjinn Awards Posted!

Below is a complete list of Film Festival and Imadjinn Award winners for Imaginarium 2016.  We extend our gratitude to all who participated this year and we look forward to spotlighting many more talented filmmakers and writers in the years to come!

2016 Film Festival Award Winners

Best Feature (Overall): Blood of the Tribades
Best Feature (Overall) Runner-Up: Pechorin

Best Feature (Non-Genre): Pechorin
Best Feature (Non-Genre) Runner-up: Game Changers

Best Feature (Genre): Legend of the Lich Lord
Best Feature (Genre) Runner-up: Dark Tapes

Best Short Film (Overall): Random
Best Short Film (0verall) Runner-up: Last Request

Best Short Film (Genre) Runner-up: Cassandra
Best Short Film (Genre): The Town Where Nobody Lives

Best Short Film (Non-Genre): Letters to Daniel: Awareness

Best Documentary: She Got Game
Best Documentary Runner-up: Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game

Best Music Video: Tell Me Why You Obsess Me
Best Music Video Runner-up: C.T.R.L.

Best Screenplay: Dark Tapes
Best Screenplay Runner-up: The Town Where Nobody Lives

Best Plot Development: Axiom
Best Plot Development Runner-up: Random

Best Character Development: Game Changers
Best Character Development Runner-up: Death After Pancakes

Best Director: True Design
Best Director Runner-up: Incumbent


2016 Imadjinn Winners

Best Anthology:
The Apex Book of World SF edited by Mahvesh Murad

Best Fantasy Novel:
King of the Bastards by Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury

Best General Fiction Novel:
Interstate Providence by Samuel Miller

Best Horror Novel (Tie)
Sins of Retribution by James Gillen
Red Letter Day by D A Madigan

Best Mystery Novel
Boneyard Beach by Bill Noel

Best Non-Fiction Book
For Exposure by Jason Sizemore

Best Paranormal Romance Novel
Dearly Beloved by Rachael Rawlings

Best Romance Novel
A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

Best Science Fiction Novel
A Crowd of Stars By Dave Creek

Best Short Story
“Nightmare” by Tony Acree

Best Thriller Novel
Revenge by Tony Acree

Best Urban Fantasy Novel
Pouraka by Dianne Gardner

Best Screenplay Feature Length
Inhuman Resources by Hope Madden

Best Screenplay Short Length
Cemetery by Pam Turner

2016 Film Festival Preview Posted!


A 2016 Film Festival Preview has been posted for easy browsing of movie images and a synopsis of each film to be shown during the weekend.  We’ve got a great range of short films, feature films, documentaries and music videos from directors around the world and with the largest number of submissions ever our selected batch of films to be screened promises to be our best yet!

The preview page is organized in the order that the films will be screened, and the full schedule in a list format is on the Film Festival Page.

To see the preview visit this link:

2016 Film Festival Preview


Preliminary Film Festival Screening List and Screenplay Finalists for Imaginarium 2016 Announced!

We are very proud to announce our preliminary list of films to be screened at Imaginarium 2016, as well as our screenplay finalists!

See the full list and more information here on our film festival page and be sure to check back soon for more updates!




Imaginarium 2016 Dates Announced!

The dates for the third annual Imaginarium Convention are October 7-9 of 2016, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

The nation’s premier creative writing convention, Imaginarium 2016 will continue the mission to provide exceptional programming in a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. Expanded gaming, the film festival, music events, the costume contest/masquerade, expo, and more will take place with well over 100 panels and a series of workshops at the center covering all aspects of writing, publishing, screenwriting, game design and more! Be sure to also get ready for the debut of the Imadjinns, a series of new literary awards!

To celebrate Imaginarium 2016, throughout the month of October, special early registration and vendor savings are being offered. A weekend pass can be reserved for just $50 and vendor space can be reserved for just $70. A variety of sponsorship options are also available now.

To take advantage of the early registration rate, visit:

To take advantage of the early vendor rate, visit:

Get ready for the biggest and best Imaginarium Convention yet! Coming October 7-9 of 2016!

Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival Awards Announced

Just announced at the Imaginarium 2015 Awards Banquet, for the Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival:

Best Feature Overall: Paternity Leave
Best Feature Overall Runner-up: Rangers

Best Genre Feature: Rangers
Best Genre Feature Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Non-Genre Feature: Paternity Leave
Best Non-Genre Feature Runner-up: Redemption of Benjamin Black

Best Short Film Overall: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Short Film Overall Runner-up: Leah Not Leia

Best Short Film Genre: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Short Film Genre Runner-up: Tailypo

Best Short Film Non-Genre: Leah Not Leia
Best Short Film Non-Genre Runner-up: Forward Until Found

Best Documentary: #allweknowislame
Best Documentary Runner-up: Letters to Daniel: A One Woman Show

Best Direction: Magnetic
Best Direction Runner-up: Paternity Leave

Best Screenplay: Fast Zombies Suck
Best Screenplay Runner-up: Redemption of Benjamin Black

Best Plot Development: Rangers
Best Plot Development Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Character Development: Razor Days
Best Character Development Runner-up: Magnetic

Best Music Video: Glass Ceiling
Best Music Video Runner-up: Lord You’re Beautiful

Full Imaginarium 2015 Schedule


Full Imaginarium Schedule Available For Browsing

From panels and workshops, to live music, Q&A’s, and live readings…from gaming and a film festival to an expo and costume contest/masquerade…Imaginarium offers attendees a lot do explore and participate in.

See the full schedule with times and room listings on the website under Programming or you can also use the EventBase app for smartphones!

Get ready to enter the Imaginarium this coming weekend in Louisville, Ky!

Keep Up With Imaginarium 2015’s Schedule on Your Smartphone!


Browse and keep up with all that’s happening at Imaginarium 2015 using your smartphone!

EventBase is a downloadable app for smart phones. The Imaginarium schedule is available on it and will be kept up to date throughout the event.

Anyone can download The EventBase App from either the google play or itunes stores. Links to download the App on different platforms can also be found here:

For Imaginarium 2015 on EventBase, here is the direct link:


Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival Screening Schedule

Screening Schedule for Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival

Imaginarium 2015’s screening schedule is below. Full information to follow on each of the movies that will be featured over the September 11-13th weekend. We are very excited to have some excellent features, shorts, and documentaries, and even music video!

Friday Screenings:
5:00 pm Enter the Imaginarium
6:00 pm ‪#‎allweknowislame‬ and screening of Lou Evil music video by Lame
7:00 pm Letters to Daniel with Q and A
8:30 pm Leah Not Leia
9:00 pm: Paternity Leave
10:40 pm The Redemption of Benjamin Black
12:00 pm The Hydric Zone: Rise of the Mutant Wetlands
12:20 am Faux pas Follies
1:00 Pm “THE MYSTERIES OF SCIENCE “ Short film block featuring:
1:15 am Santa Krampus

11:30 pm Short film block featuring:
Forward Until Found
Carla’s Halloween
Lord You’re Beautiful
Glass Ceiling
12:30 pm Strong Southern Mamas
1:45 pm Hicky
4:00 pm Ingenue
5:30 pm Samyul
6:00 pm The Untold Story of “Bad” Tom Smith
7:00 pm Rangers
8:05 pm Magnetic
9:30 pm Tailypo
9:50 pm Day 419
10:15 pm Fast Zombies Suck
10:30 pm The Stall
10:45 pm Army of Hell
12:30 am Razor Days

Call for Entries for Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival

The Call for Entries for the Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival is now open. All genres will be considered for screening. Awards will be given in a number of categories covering shorts, documentaries, and features.

To enter a project in the Imaginarium 2015 Film Festival, please visit the following page and follow the instructions:

The submission fee for each project is $10. Submissions for screening consideration will be accepted until June 1, 2015.

Imaginarium 2014 Film Festival Award Winners

The awards for Imaginarium 2014’s Film Festival were announced at a special awards ceremony and banquet held last night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The awards ceremony wrapped up the first Imaginarium convention and involved truly amazing projects in all categories!

The winners in the Imaginarium 2014 Film Festival are listed below:

Best Short Film (Non-Genre)
First Place: Guinea Pigs
Runner-up: America’s Got Superpowers

Best Short Film (Genre)
First Place: Paralyzed
Runner-up: The Living

Best Short Film Overall
First Place: Guinea Pigs
Runner-up: Paralyzed

Best Documentary
First Place: Science, Sex and the Ladies
Runner-up: Letters to Daniel

Best Character Development
First Place: Scenes from a Gay Marriage
Runner-up: Bunni

Best Plot Development
First Place: Paralyzed
Runner-up: Guinea Pigs

Best Screenplay
First Place: Guinea Pigs
Runner-up: Ten

Best Director
First Place: Science, Sex and the Ladies
Runner-up: Ten

Best Feature (Genre)
First Place: Bunni
Runner-up: Ten

Best Feature (Non-Genre)
First Place: More Scenes from a Gay Marriage
Runner-up: Scenes from A Gay Marriage

Best Feature Overall
First Place: More Scenes from A Gay Marriage
Runner-up: Bunni