Best Anthology

Whispers Anthology – written by The Vincennes Writers
Fantastic Tales of Terror – written by Christopher Golden, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Maberry, and Tony todd, etc…

Best Children’s Book

Sigmund Stanley Spider Squared – written by Kimberly Hoffman
You Are You! – written by Jen Selinsky
Frog and the Flower – written by Lily J. Erickson

Best Historical Fiction Novel

Sweet Love at Honey Landing – written by Linda Ellen
Heart of Sherwood – written by Edale Lane (aka Melodie Romeo)

Best Horror Novel

The Mourner’s Cradle: A Widow’s Journey – written by Tommy B. Smith

Best Fantasy Novel

Winter’s Heir – written by Sarah Joy Adams & Emily Lavin Leverett
Terra Australis – written by Cody Higgins
Fey West – written by Michael J. Allen

Best Literary Fiction Novel

She’s Not Broken – written by Kelsey Day

Best Mystery Novel

DARK HORSE: A Folly Beach Mystery – written by Bill Noel
The Storm – written by Dan Jolley
Newberry Sin – written by C. Hope Clark

Best Non-Fiction Book

It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares To Life – written by Eugene Johnson and Joe Mynhardt
Light at the End of the Tunnel, A Memoir – written by SALLYANNE MONTI
Indiana’s Strange and Unusual Haunts – written by Jacob & Jenny Floyd

Best Paranormal Romance Novel

Her Immortal Guardian – written by Mara Dane
A Shift in Destiny – written by Carma Haley Shoemaker
Quinn – written by D.B. Reynolds

Best Romance Novel

Protecting Peyton – written by Becky Muth
All Jacked Up – written by Mysti Parker
Cowboy On Her Porch – written by Pam Mantovani

Best Science Fiction Novel

Storm Forged – written by Patrick Dugan
The Shadow Beneath the Waves – written by Matt Betts
Jurassic Jail, The Time Wars Book 1 – written by William Alan Webb

Best Short Story

The Hairy Man – written by William Alan Webb
“Beyond Human Measure” – written by Dave Creek
“The Price of Admission” – written by Maxwell I Gold

Best Short Story Collection (single author)

Now You Sea God: A Josh Katzen Collection – written T. Lee Harris
Dead Reckoning and Other Stories – written by Dino Parenti
Lonnie, Me, and…: A Short Story Collection – written Marian Allen

Best Thriller Novel

Exodus – written by Mick Williams
His Personal Reich – written by L.Salt
No Return – written by Rob Sangster

Best Urban Fantasy Novel

Spells, Salt, & Steel Season One – written by Gail Z. & Larry N. Martin
The Corpse Whisperer – written by HR Boldwood
Blood Ghast Blues – written by Jake Bible

Best Young Adult Novel

We Can’t Let You In: a diary from the PyreDees Plague of 2016 written Sandy Lender
Just One Summer written by Lynn Stevens