Imaginarium 2018 Proudly Announces Tony Acree as Toastmaster and Author Guest!

Imaginarium 2018 is proud to announce the return of bestselling author Tony Acree as Toastmaster and as a guest! The owner of the award-winning small press Hydra Publications and the author of the bestselling Victor McCain thrillers, Tony is an outstanding member of the Imaginarium family, sharing his knowledge about writing and the publishing business in Imaginarium’s extensive programming, in addition to serving as the official Toastmaster in popular Imaginarium events like the Opening Ceremonies and Awards Banquet presentations. Imaginarium is thrilled to have Tony back for what will be the best year yet!

About Tony Acree: Tony Acree is is both an award winning author and publisher. His small press publishing house, Hydra Publications, won the Jason Sizemore award for outstanding small press. His latest novel, Revenge, was winner of best thriller novel at Imaginarium, one of the region’s largest’s writers conferences. All four of his novels are Amazon bestsellers.

Tony lives near Goshen Kentucky with his wife, twin girls, two female dogs, a female cat, and the way the goldfish looks at him, he believes she’s female too.

His work has appeared in Kentucky Monthly Magazine, The Cumberland, and Women of Curves Magazine. Visit his website at You can find him on Twitter and Facebook. You can email him at