Imaginarium 2017 Award Winners!

Imaginarium Convention was proud to recognize our award winners for both the 2017 Imaginarium Independent Film Festival and the 2017 Imadjinn Awards at our awards banquet!  Below is the list of the awards given and the winners for each category.

Please note that this list does not have the Imadjinn Award for Best Screenplay, as judging has not been completed for the written screenplay submissions.  We will be making that announcement when all evaluations have been completed.


2017 Imaginarium Independent Film Festival

Best Editing: Occupants
Best Cinematography: The Ningyo
Best Sound: Prisoner of Perdition
Best Character Development: Auto Shop
Best Plot Development: Viridescent
Best Screenplay: Viridescent
Best Music Video: The River
Best Documentary: Boggy Creek Monster
Best Director: Viridescent
Best Short Film Runner Up: Ruination
Best Short Film: Viridescent
Best Feature Runner Up: Occupants
Best Feature: Beyond the Trek

2017 Imadjinn Awards

Best Fantasy Novel: The Girl Who Once Thrived by Lacy Marie
Best Romance Novel: Family Recipe by Carma Haley Shoemaker
Best SciFi Novel: Gray Widow’s Walk by Dan Jolley
Best Paranormal Romance Novel: Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer
Best Anthology: Twisted Fairy Tales: An Anthology
Best Urban Fantasy Novel: Lies and Hocus Pocus: Beginnings by Lydia Sherrer
Best General Fiction Novel: Rainbow Together by Daniel Davies
Best Mystery Novel: Dead Center: A Folly Beach Mystery by Bill Noel
Best Thriller Novel: The Inheritance by Michele L. Hinton
Best Horror Novel: The Train Derails in Boston by Jessica McHugh
Best Children’s Book: House at the Edge of Time by Pat Pflieger
Best Short Story: Hope (A Short Story) by Lydia Sherrer
Best Young Adult Novel: The Girl Who Once Thrived by Lacy Marie