2017 Panel and Workshop List

Core List of Panel and Workshop Topics for 2017

Panels are full hour long sessions featuring from 4-6 professionals in a different area discussing the designated topic, and including questions and comments from the audience. For the schedule, visit our 2o17 Panel and Workshop Schedule. For individual descriptions, visit our 2017 Panel and Workshop Description Page.
Podcasting for Beginners
Audio Books: A Growing Trend
Producing a Quality Audio Book
Time Management for Creatives
Finding Inspiration For Stories
Dialogue in Writing
Character Development Insights
Driving Your Story With Your Characters
Developing Suspense in All Genres
Putting the Thrill in Thrillers
Fantastic First Lines
Writing Good Action Scenes
Composing in Shorter Formats: Novellas and Short Stories
Plotters Vs. Pantsers: A Discussion on Outlining
Copy and Content in the Editing Phase
Layout and Design Insights
Assembling Awesome Anthologies
Diversity in Fiction
Keeping Fantasy Fresh
Keeping Beloved Monsters Engaging
YA Today
Dissecting the Dystopian
Horror: Prose that Preys
Paranormal Literature
Crossing Genres
Defining Urban Fantasy Today
Releasing the Steam: A Steampunk Forum
Exploring Today’s Universe of Science Fiction
A Discussion of Gothic Fiction
The Cozy Mystery: Don’t Get Too Cozy When Writing One
Mystery Mastery: What’s Expected, and How To Put Your Own Voice On Your Story
Alternative History: The Craft of Writing a “What If” Kind of Story
How to Fracture a Fairy Tale: Encore!
Military Elements in Fiction
LGBTQ Characters in Fiction
The Occult in Literature
Mysticism in Your Manuscript
Putting Religion in Your Writing
Folklore and Fairytales
Keeping Your Humor Humorous
Researching For Your Story
Approaches to Writing a Book Series
Cats in Fiction
Booze and Books
Caffeine and Creativity
Self-Help Writing Forum
Freelance Writing: Getting Gigs That Pay
Writing for Children
The Children’s Book Market Today
Marketing Poetry
The Craft of Writing Poetry
Finding the Right Editor
Finding the Right Artist
Finding the Right Publishing Path
Finding the Right Critique Groups
Red Flags for Wordsmiths
Advice for New Writers
Query Letters and Professional Submissions
Self-Publishing Overview
Life in the Small Press World of Today
Fan Fiction: Pro’s and Con’s
Superheroes and Villains in Writing
Art of Comics and Graphic Novels
Marvel Vs. DC – A Face Off!
Publishing Indie Comics Today
The World of Manga
Game of Thrones: TV vs. Novels
Dr. Who: A Character Overview of the Doctors
Revving Up the Romance
Writing Sizzling Sex Scenes
Electrifying Your Erotica
Romance Publishing Discussion
Kindle, KDP, and Kindle Unlimited
Beyond Kindle: Other eBook Markets
Marketing past Oversaturation
Free Social Media Marketing
The Importance of Networking
Navigating the Blogosphere
Building Your Blog
Debate and Discussion, or Blog Bullying?
Raising Reviews
Building the Brand of You
Book Signing Etiquette
Crowdfunding For Creatives
Sustaining Mental Health in Creatives
Spreading Your Introvert Wings: Improving Communication at Events
All About the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Film-Focused Topics
Screenwriting 101
Effective Dialogue in Screenwriting
Importance of Casting Correctly
The Image is Everything
Catering to Cast and Crew
Emerging Markets in Indie Film
Quality on a Dime in Indie Film
Logistics of Location Scouting
Creative Costuming
Makeup Effects
Polishing Post-Production
Project Marketing
Music for Media
Many Hats of Independent Film
Producing an Indie TV Pilot: A Look Into Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart

Gaming-Focused Topics

Game Design Strategies
Discussing D&D
Gateway to Game Design
Social Aspects of Gaming
Xbox Vs. Playstation: A Throwdown
LARP: Choosing the Right Role or Character for You


Workshops to be Presented at Imaginarium 2017

SHOWING vs TELLING (be sure you know) – Presented by Michael Knost

Build a Better Monster: – Presented by Tim Waggoner

Sharpen Your Point of View – Presented by Lucy A. Snyder

Top Ten Marketing Tips for Events – Presented by Ken Daniels

Myth and Fiction – Presented by Michael Williams

Mental Health for Creatives – Presented by Lacie Marie

World Building for Gaming and Fiction – Presented by JD Conrad

Supernatural Creature Biology – Presented by Michelle Lee

A Road Map to Schenectady: Where Do Ideas Come From? – Presented by Brian J. Hatcher

Marketing 101 – Presented by Stu Thaman

Business of Writing: What to Do After “TheEnd.” – Presented by Elizabeth Donald

Unleash Your Super Powers workshop – Presented by John Pyka

Writing Believable Action Scenes – Presented by Alison Sky Richards

The Villainous Antagonist – Presented by Kristi Bradley

Audiobooks from Start to Finish – Presented by Jack Wallen

Music & The Writer: Bring Rhythm To Your Writing – Presented by David Simms

Social Media for Dummies [Otherwise known as “We’re Authors, not Techies”] – Presented by J.C. Morrows

Mining history – Presented by William Alan Webb

Spark. Igniting the Creative Side of the Brain – Presented by Kolin Mofield

Guerilla Filmmaking – Presented by Thomas Moore

Book Design – Presented by Clifford Van Meter

Writing Speculative Poetry: An introduction – Presented by Anton Cancre

Indie Film Making : Planning the Movie – Presented by John Riser & Eric Roper

Fan Fic Open Mic – Presented by Lana Dean Highfill

Proper Grammar – Presented by Rochelle Weber

Incorporating Fairy Tale Structures Into Your Work – Presented by Sela Carsen

Screenwriting for DIY Filmmakers – Presented by Cameron McCasland

Love and Blood: Writing Paranormal Romance – Presented by Jim Gillentine

Unleashing your Creative Potential – Presented by Angela Ramsey Robinson

Transmedia for Authors – Presented by Patricia Loofbourrow

Dieselpunk 101 – Presented by John Pyka

Indie SciFi Filmmaking and Writing – Presented by J. Welin

Marketing – Presented by Abigail Keam & Teresa Reasor

Love at First Sound…or Not: Hiring the Perfect Voice – presented by Jacqueline M. Protho

Outlining: Come With An Idea, Leave With An Outline – presented by Lydia Sherrer